Xiaoxu Music takes you to make games from scratch

GameCreator is a low-entry game engine that supports visual programming and TypeScript. It was launched on Steam Early Access (EA) on October 26. Whether you are a novice Xiaobai or a professional game producer, you can create the game world in your mind through GameCreator.

Creators can choose a suitable game template to start their own game production journey. The game template is equipped with the core gameplay system and art resources. Creators only need to fill in their own ideas, and advanced developers can also freely expand and edit function and scripting. At the same time, GameCreator provides a creator trading platform, and creators can create game templates, plug-ins, and art resources for sharing and selling. You can also upload and share game creations to anyone.

Game works by many creators

Xiaoxu Music provides audio services for this game development tool. The BGM, various game sound effects, ambient sound effects and other audio-related content used by players in the process of making games are carefully produced by our company for the creators. Create your own dream world to add color.