Xiaopang crashed into the car in the early morning, and Lu Bu’s replacement in the early morning was comparable to a unique brother, Xiaopang praised the whole game

Recently, Chuchen of the Wolves crashed a game in the early morning. Although Chuchen has gone to KGL to continue to develop, no matter in terms of qualifications or strength, Chuchen can be regarded as the senior of the Wolves. However, this game In the early morning after the crash, he still chose to fill the position, and the filling hero was still Lu Bu, but Lu Bu in the early morning of this game was not very good.

Looking back at Chuchen’s game in the KPL arena, in fact, all the old fans know that Chuchen is a multi-position player. In addition to playing in the jungle, Chuchen has a long-term development experience, which is the same as that of Chongqing Wolves’ Jinyu. Yes, and for many heroes in all positions, the early morning is also very experienced. After all, it is very easy for these players to expand the hero pool.

And in the early morning of this game, Lu Bu, even with the level of a unique brother, directly let the wolf team chubby praise the whole game. You must know that the wolf team chubby is usually a pressure teammate in the peak game, and the teammates he encounters are big. Some of them are players who can’t keep up with their consciousness, and occasionally they encounter players with better consciousness. The ability to operate the consciousness makes Wolves Xiaopang satisfied, and the replacement in the early morning is really strong.

In the early stage of the game, when it was still in the laning phase, Chu Chen had already obtained the first blood of Kuangtie through the laning, and the Wolves Xiaopang also gave away the first blood of his own. After all, Luna’s early stage was still too weak. The tigers on the opposite side enter the wild area basically one by one. Three minutes later, the enemy wanted to continue to invade the Wolves’ Little Fatty Blue, but this wave of early morning and Little Fatty showed off.

Lu Bu himself is very comfortable fighting in the wild terrain, and Luna also likes fighting in the wild after level 4. Chuchen jumped directly to divide the battlefield. While Xiaopang was dealing with nearby enemies, Chuchen had already got a double kill, and then In the early morning, he even harassed the enemy tiger’s wild area, giving the Wolves little fat a lot of development time.

In this sentence game, the enemy not only targeted Wolves, but also targeted Chuchen. However, Chuchen was able to stabilize with the advantages in the early stage. In the middle and late team battles, Chuchen also played a lot. Wonderful operation, and finally took the Wolves Xiaopang directly to fly, and won the MVP of this game. Xiaopang has always praised the early morning operation is very fierce in the game.

personal opinion:

In fact, it can be seen from the peak games and competitions that Chuchen’s own game strength is still very strong, but due to the current competition system of KPL, in KPL Chuchen may have to wait until next year to get the qualification for the starting lineup, so I was forced to The helpless Chuchen can only go to KGL to play the game for a while, but I believe that Chuchen will definitely be able to rush out of KGL and return to KPL. I hope Chuchen can continue to work hard.