Xiaopang crashed into Beimu, his teammates said a name to make them afraid, Xiaopang bluntly wanted to hurt me?

Just recently, the news that the jungler anchor Beimu dominates the top three on the top list instantly swept the entire Glory of Kings live broadcast circle. You must know that before Beimu, only Han Han at his peak could do this. For a time, the evaluation of Beimu as the strongest non-professional jungler was recognized by more and more people, and Beimu once again gained a lot of popularity and popularity.

But since Beimu is the strongest non-professional jungler, who is the strongest professional jungler? In fact, the discussion on this issue has never stopped. After all, fans of each team must hope that their team’s jungler is the strongest. However, on the stage of winning the championship in the summer finals this year, the Wolves Xiaopang, as fmvp, announced to everyone with the toughest attitude: he has always been the strongest jungler.

And just recently, the two strongest junglers finally had a chance to fight. In a five-row platoon in the middle of the night, the Wolves Xiaopang and Xiao Jue crashed into Beimu, Lai Shen, Xia Yu and others. Although the battle between the two is very exciting, the rhythm is tight and the rhythm between the two is very exciting. But compared to the game screen of this one, their voice in the matching interface is comical.

It turned out that at that time, when Xiao Chuan’s teammate Xiao Jue found out that they had crashed into Beimu, he blurted out almost immediately without thinking: “Hidden Mu? What is Li Zhien doing at this moment? Call Li Zhien over to watch the live broadcast.” Xiaopang also frowned in an instant, and asked Xiao Jue: “What do you mean? Do you want to hurt me? Xiao Jue, do you want to hurt me?”

It turns out that this is because as early as two years ago, Wolves Xiaopang had a conflict and conflict with Li Zhien. At that time, both of them were in a young and frivolous state, because of a little conflict and friction in the game, and then the two Years, they both hated each other very much. But soon after Xiaopang’s comeback, he had already taken the initiative to ask for peace, and although Li Zhien didn’t explicitly accept his apology, he didn’t seem to hate Xiaopang so much.

But when Xiao Jue said the name Li Zhien, let alone chubby, even Beimu was a little embarrassed. After all, Beimu and Li Zhien were also good friends at the beginning, and they even had CP fans. But later, due to various reasons, they still ran in opposite directions, so when they heard the name “Li Zhien” again, I am afraid Beimu would also be nervous.

personal opinion:

However, Xiao Jue actually said this in a joking tone, and his original intention was to tease Xiaopang and Beimu. After all, the king’s live broadcast circle is not small, but it is not big. The top anchors will always be just a few people. As a common friend of everyone, he naturally hopes that the estrangement between these three people can be eliminated as soon as possible and a new friendship can be established.