Xiaomi MIUI14 begins preparations: MIUI13 development version is temporarily suspended, and the first batch of supported models is exposed

Time will soon enter November. According to the news, Xiaomi will launch the new MIUI 14 system as soon as November. At present, Xiaomi has also begun to prepare for the new MIUI 14 system.


Xiaomi recently pushed the upgrade and update of the new development version of the MIUI 13 system. At the same time, it said that due to “software system architecture adjustment”, the MIUI development version will be suspended for a period of time since October 31, which means that Xiaomi has started Ready for MIUI14 system.


Of course, Xiaomi mobile phone users are more concerned about whether their mobile phones can be upgraded to the MIUI14 system, and when can the MIUI14 system be upgraded.


According to the news, the upcoming Mi 13 series of mobile phones will be pre-installed with the new MIUI 14 system. According to the internal code excavation, the Mi 13 and Mi 13 Pro, previously code-named “fuxi (Fu Xi)” and “nvwa (Nvwa)”, will be pre-installed. The two new models are already testing the Xiaomi MIUI14 system, based on the underlying development of Android 13.


There is also a new phone codenamed ziyi_global that is also testing the MIUI14 system, but it is based on the underlying development of Android 12. Ziyi is the codename of Xiaomi Civi2. This new phone is expected to adopt a new naming method instead of Xiaomi Civi2 for the overseas version of Xiaomi Civi2. .


In addition to the new phones, according to Xiaomiui reports, 6 models of Redmi K50 Extreme Edition, RedmiK50 Pro, RedmiK50, Xiaomi Mi 12S, Xiaomi Mi 12S Pro and Xiaomi Mi 12S Ultra are also testing the MIUI14 system and will be the first batch to support MIUI14 system upgrades. ‘s model.


The Xiaomi MIUI14 system will be released soon, and the upgrade highlights and supported models of the Xiaomi MIUI14 system will be officially announced.