Xiaomi Mijia full-effect air purifier confirmed to be equipped with “aldehyde decomposing” technology

IT House news on March 20th, Xiaomi officially announced the high-end flagship series of Mijia full-effect air purifiers today, supporting hard-core technology, surging experience, pioneering design, new products at 10:00 on March 21st, so stay tuned!

Xiaomi official preheats, Mijia full-effect air purifier will support “aldehyde can be decomposed” technology, support decomposed aldehyde removal. Xiaomi and the Institute of Process Technology of the Chinese Academy of Sciences jointly developed the “aldehyde energy solution” technology, which can completely decompose formaldehyde into water and carbon dioxide.

In terms of design, this product adopts the same appearance design as the Mijia full-effect air purifier Ultra-the four-leaf clover aesthetic design. This new product is expected to be the standard version of the Mijia full-effect air purifier.

IT House summarized and sorted out that in September 2022, Xiaomi launched the Mijia full-effect air purifier Ultra, which supports the “aldehyde decomposing” aldehyde removal technology. The catalytic aldehyde decomposing filter element equipped with this technology can continuously decompose formaldehyde into water. And carbon dioxide, no secondary pollution release, no need to replace. The aldehyde removal effect is 10 times better than the national standard, and it can efficiently remove air pollution from home decoration. Equipped with Swiss imported solid formaldehyde sensor, 0.001mg / m³ precise digital display. Equipped with photoelectric double self-cleaning technology, and four sets of high-energy plasma generators, which continuously release low-temperature plasma, form a high-energy ion field in the filter chamber, release super ionization energy, and continuously disinfect viruses and bacteria attached to the filter element by immersion, removing Harmful gas and odor.

The Mijia Full-Effect Air Purifier Ultra has an optically designed facing ultraviolet lamp group, which is coated with high-strength reflective aluminum film, breaking through the narrow irradiation range of traditional UV lamp beads, realizing full-width* surface light irradiation, and the disinfecting area covers the entire surface of the filter element, lasting Keep the filter element clean. It outputs 12500L of clean air per minute. It is also equipped with a German ebm DC fan, a 4.3-inch LCD large color screen, supports the control of Mijia App and Xiaoai classmates, can be equipped with universal wheels, and the drawer filter element is designed for easy replacement.