Xiaomi launches the first multi-function attribute flashlight, you can seize the time to start on Double Eleven


Ordinary flashlights have been used by everyone, but few people use them now, because multi-functional flashlights have become popular in the past two years. Recently, Xiaomi has also launched a multi-functional flashlight product, which is currently sold on various e-commerce platforms. After looking at the functional attributes of this product, I also like it, and I bought one at the first time. As a car owner, I think it is very suitable for car owners to carry and use.

First of all, let’s take a look at the packaging of the Mijia multi-function flashlight. It continues the consistent style of Xiaomi. The white packaging box is accompanied by the product renderings, and there are some functional features introduced on it. Take out all the items from the box. Flashlights, charging cables, lanyards, manuals and these items.

From the appearance point of view, the Mijia multi-function flashlight is no different from the common flashlights on the market. It belongs to the type of small size, but the texture of the Mijia multi-function flashlight is much better, because its body is made of metal. Yes, it has a lot of weight in the hand, and the exquisite workmanship also makes it have good anti-drop characteristics.

It can be seen that an information label is designed in the central area of ​​the fuselage, with the Mijia logo and the power information of the product. Attach it to a metal material, such as a car, and it also supports 170° rotation adjustment, so the lighting angle of the light will be more accurate.

This Mijia multi-function flashlight has designed a total of two lights, the main light and the side light. Let’s first look at its main light. It uses a 1000 lumens design and is equipped with three different brightness adjustments. 240 meters distance, in addition, it can adjust the light zoom function, which is also not available in ordinary flashlights. We only need to push and pull the lamp head outwards with our hands to achieve the light spotlight and floodlight effects in the flashlight.

Next, I made a moving picture to show you its zoom light function, and to achieve light brightness adjustment, you only need to cycle by pressing the switch on the fuselage.

The side lights of the Mijia multi-function flashlight have four different light-emitting modes, namely, the always-on mode, white light with two levels of brightness, and the flashing mode, red and yellow. The white light is mainly used for lighting, while the red flashing mode is used. It is the well-known rescue warning. The yellow flashing mode is used in foggy environments, so its side light is mainly used for help or warning.

The design of switching the main light and the side light is actually quite ingenious. There is a rotatable adjustment ring in the head area of ​​the main light, and an icon is also marked on it. We only need to select this adjustment ring to freely switch between the main light mode and the side light mode. , with the switch gear button on the fuselage, the daily use is easy to deal with.

Do you think this Mijia multifunctional flashlight only has those designs on the lights? In fact, it also has a hidden design, that is, it also has the properties of a rescue tool. We only need to unscrew the cover at the tail of the flashlight to find it. In this red area at the tail of the flashlight, there are a collection of seat belt cutters and pop-up breakers. The window has two functions.

Seatbelt cutters and pop-up window breakers can be used as tools that car owners must bring, because they are very important, mainly because they can save lives at critical moments. Death directly cuts off the escape, but I hope you will never use these two, because no one wants to have an accident, but we must be prepared.

Let’s talk about its practicability. As a car owner, it is a headache for the car to break down on the road, especially at night. At this time, turning on the sidelights in the warning rescue mode can remind others to avoid causing the rear car. In a rear-end accident, if you pay attention to some small problems, open the hood of the car when the lighting is not good at night, the Mijia multi-function flashlight is also a good lighting tool.

Finally, let me show you the lighting effects of this Mijia multi-function flashlight. There are two different modes: spotlight and floodlight. You can feel its 1000 lumens effect.


In terms of multi-function attributes, this Mijia multi-function flashlight is absolutely irreplaceable. Some people may be more concerned about its battery life, while the Mijia multi-function flashlight has a built-in 3100 mAh battery with a large capacity. It can be used for about 90 hours. It can be said that this kind of performance is also remarkable. So many functions are integrated into a flashlight, I think it is quite cost-effective.