Xiaohai’s live broadcast revealed that two hundred and eight a day is not enough for food? NH’s takeaway exceeds 1,000 yuan

Since the teams participating in the PUBG World Championship have been shooting promotional videos recently, and the hotel has not given them a suitable computer, Xiaohai can only open his laptop and chat with everyone. In the middle, we talked about some things that everyone wanted to know, such as food. The problem, according to Xiaohai’s experience, he thinks that the buffet provided by the hotel is a bit unpalatable, but MSJOY also said before that since it is free, it must be guaranteed to be full.

But the meal reimbursement from Blue Cave this time seems to be not low. Each person has 280 RMB per day. This meal cost is indeed relatively high in China, but Dubai is the economic and cultural center of the United Arab Emirates, and Xiaohai and the others live in Economically prosperous areas will naturally have higher prices. Xiaohai revealed in the live broadcast that a cola costs 30 yuan, and domestic players are generally not used to eating in hotel cafeterias. NH Club ordered a few takeaways and the total price exceeded 1,000 yuan is really unaffordable for ordinary people. Although the blue hole is reimbursed 280 yuan per day, it should be only the ordinary level of the local people.

In addition, there is also the issue of epidemic prevention that everyone is most concerned about. This time the PGC is not prepared for the online competition. If a player is accidentally recruited, they can only go to quarantine for five days. If the team has a substitute player, let the substitute come on. , if not, then only three or two people can participate in the game. All players should stay in the hotel honestly during the game, especially those teams that do not go out with substitutes such as NH and Tianba.

Then he also talked about Xiaobei of Team 17. It was true that he hadn’t flown over yet, but the diehard fans of Xiaobei 17 have been confirmed on the forum. Xiaobei’s materials have been supplemented, and he will arrive at the PGC site in a few days. This small mistake didn’t affect them that much. As long as Xiaobei can arrive before the final, the intensity of the group stage is not so great.

Affected by the current epidemic environment, there will be many uncertainties in this World Championship. Maybe some teams will not play well due to lack of people, but I hope that the 16 teams in the final finals can play well.