Xiaochangbao Health Science: What to eat to fix leaky gut?

The gut is the largest immune organ in the human body, and 70%-80% of the human body’s immune power comes from the gut. Xiaochangbao health science, if our health needs to improve immunity, the first thing to improve is intestinal immunity. One of the most important problems in the gut that causes our body to “inflammation” is “leaky gut”. Today, what should Xiaochangbao eat to repair leaky gut ?

 Xiaochangbao health science, if you want to know what to eat to repair leaky gut, you need to know the factors that cause the destruction of the intestinal mucus layer and mucosal layer. Xiaochangbao has popularized gluten, lactose, fructose, alcohol, carbohydrates in the previous chapters Food (which is broken down into glucose through the gastrointestinal tract) and other factors can contribute to leaky gut.

Therefore, some nutritionists have come up with the concept of a “low-inflammatory diet”. “Low-inflammatory diet” refers to a diet that eliminates grains, dairy products, fructose foods, proteins and inflammatory fats, and focuses on green vegetables and high-quality fats, which is very close to the “fun diet” advocated by Xiaochangbao.

What to eat to fix leaky gut? Xiaochangbao Health Science wants to intervene through a diet plan. First, keep your mouth shut and strictly control the intake of pro-inflammatory foods, including various candy drinks, cakes and desserts, refined carbohydrates such as rice and noodles, deeply processed plant seed oils, and vegetable oils. Trans fats such as hydrogenated oils.

Xiaochangbao reminds you that some anti-nutrients in plants can also cause leaky gut, such as gluten, prolamins, lectins, etc., which are mainly found in grains and beans.

Xiaochangbao reminds you to increase your diet with foods containing high-quality fatty omega-3 fatty acids, such as deep-sea fish; supplement with nutrient-rich anti-inflammatory foods, such as animal fat and animal offal, especially liver; eat more green fresh vegetables, Avocados, sea vegetables, fermented foods, spices, etc., are basically good for leaky gut.