Xiao Zhan’s new endorsement is claimed on the Internet, fans: It’s just basic operations, never special!

Not long ago, Xiao Zhanguan announced his new endorsement, Mason Margiela, as his body care spokesperson! Although this endorsement is subdivided into body care, it is precisely because of this that Xiao Zhan’s commercial value will be perceived by everyone!

Both belong to the L’Oreal Group. In terms of cooperation with Xiao Zhan, the L’Oreal Group can be said to be in the form of connecting the dots and forming a line! The body care endorsement was handed over to Mason Margiela, the fragrance endorsement by Ralph Lauren, the beauty endorsement by YSL, and the salon hair by L’Oreal pro! A group sent four high-end lines to cooperate with Xiao Zhan, subdividing endorsements into body care and fragrance, which shows how much L’Oreal Group values ​​Xiao Zhan!

Since there is enough attention, then Xiao Zhan’s endorsement will never be just a domestic special offer! Some netizens found that after Mason Margiela officially announced Xiao Zhan as the spokesperson in China, it didn’t take long for Xiao Zhan to be claimed on overseas social platforms, and it was synchronized to the world!

In fact, this is just the basic operation of Xiao Zhan’s endorsement! Leaving aside the purely domestic endorsements such as Xiaozao, Haolai Toothpaste, and Yida, all of Xiao Zhan’s endorsements involve foreign countries and are headquartered abroad, and there is no one who does not claim Xiao Zhan! According to the global official announcement, it is normal for Xiao Zhan!

To be honest, domestic artists will have some endorsements more or less. In order to cut fans’ leeks, some foreign big names also like to find artists to endorse, but they basically give them the titles of friends and ambassadors. It’s only a domestic special offer, check the brand’s official website, not only did not claim, that is not mentioned, the headquarters did not know about this, but the person in charge of China did it for the sake of sales!

But this kind of thing will never happen to Xiao Zhan! After the four high-end brand lines of L’Oreal Group officially announced Xiao Zhan in China, they immediately claimed Xiao Zhan on the external website, and announced the cooperation between their own brand and Xiao Zhan to the world!

When GUCCI officially announced that Xiao Zhan became the spokesperson, it was actually an airborne. After all, Xiao Zhan did not enter the inspection period of GUCCI and made the official announcement directly, which also led many Xiao Zhan fans to think that Xiao Zhan’s endorsement was worth it! After seeing it in GUCCI, the direct domineering and the word “global” shocked many people! YSL’s phrase “Stand up, this is our spokesperson” is an official announcement on Xiao Zhan’s birthday! TODS and Zenith don’t need to say much about how amazing Xiao Zhan is on the Internet, it’s definitely first class!

To be honest, domestic artists will always suffer some losses in the face of foreign endorsements. Many times they are indeed inferior to Korean artists. This situation is also the reason why there are so many domestic special brands!

As long as the artist is given a heads up, fans will try their best to rush for the future resources of their artist! It’s a drop in the bucket, what the brand wants is far from what the small fans can afford, and there is no need to carry the goods. In fact, the brand doesn’t even know who he is!

Xiao Zhan’s business resources do not need to be proved now. Four brands of L’Oreal Group have cooperated with Xiao Zhan, and NARS and Anjesha of his rival Shiseido Group have also joined hands with Xiao Zhan! Although they don’t look down on each other, the vision of looking for a spokesperson is really unified enough!

I hope that the fathers of the group will continue to roll up and see who has cooperated with Xiao Zhan more in their own brands!

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