Xiao Qiao gave way, Ying Zheng was no longer strong, and the “Dharma King in the middle” appeared, and the damage in the later stage was unsolvable.

King of Glory has been online for more than six years. As players become more and more familiar with the game, the status of mages in the team has improved a lot. Old players say that there can be no shooters in the team, but not without mages, because mages can make the team The output damage is more uniform.

If they are heroes with physical damage, the damage will appear relatively simple, and it is easy for the enemy to target defensive equipment. Moreover, the mage is responsible for defending the position of the first tower in the middle, and also supports them. The most important thing is that they can also help the team. To make up for the damage, Xiao Qiao gave way this season, Ying Zheng is no longer strong, and the “Dharma King in the middle” appears, and the damage in the later stage is unsolved.

little joe

The former T0-level mage’s winning rate and appearance rate plummeted this season. Many players said that Xiao Qiao had been abandoned by the version, and some players even questioned that Xiao Qiao was planned to be undercut.

The reason why the player said this is enough to show that Xiao Qiao’s strength has dropped a lot. As a mid-to-late Mage, due to the accelerated pace of the version, the economy of the middle line has obviously not kept up with Xiao Qiao’s development speed. There are a lot of strong mages in the mid lane right now.

Xiao Qiao naturally no one wants to play, so this season’s Xiao Qiao has withdrawn from the ranks of powerful mages, and can only give way. If Tianmei wants Xiao Qiao to become stronger again, she must strengthen her early damage. , otherwise it will be difficult to get out of the “sewers”.

Ying Zheng

The hero’s winning rate reached the top last season. Although Ying Zheng has no control skills, it can be said that this hero has no weak period. He does not lose to any mages in the early clearing, and his support ability is also very strong. After level 4, he can help his teammates make up. harm.

However, since Tianmei’s ult CD increased against Ying Zheng, the hero’s strength has dropped significantly, because Ying Zheng mainly relies on ults to deal damage, and now the core skills have been weakened, so he is no longer a strong mage in the middle.

And Ying Zheng’s ultimate damage is far from what it used to be. Few players are willing to use him now. Seriously, Tian Mei should call back Ying Zheng, after all, he is a noble hero.

“The King of the Middle Road” appears, and the damage in the later stage is unsolvable

At the beginning of this season, many players said that this mage was abolished, but the hero directly entered the T0 list in the middle of the peak competition this season, and she is Diaochan.

Because the rhythm of the version has accelerated, and Diaochan’s strong period is in the late stage, players were not optimistic about her at the beginning of the season, but Diaochan’s performance this season is very bright, the hero can deal real damage by itself, and can also play a deceleration effect. At the same time, it has its own blood return, and its mobility is also very high.

Although Diaochan is strong in the middle and late stages, the second-level Diaochan’s strength should not be underestimated. In the early stage, the hero mainly focuses on developing the line and supporting his teammates. After the two pieces of equipment are made, Diaochan begins to usher in his strong period.

Because he has no shortage of damage, he can be equipped with half-meat. Whether it is a solo battle or a team battle, he can achieve a dazzling record. The full-level Diaochan has the ability to get five kills in a team battle, and the damage in the later stage is very high. No solution.

As a result, many players say that Diaochan is the “Mid-Road King” this season, and Diaochan is the mage with the highest appearance rate in the peak game, which shows that many great players still recognize her strength, which is enough to be called “Mid-lane King”. this title.

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