Xianmeng talks about Taoism丨Surprisingly winning, the dreamy new Zhuxian 8 into 40,000 poisonous double ghosts beat the triple crown champion

“Fantasy New Zhuxian” this year’s battle of destiny is very exciting, especially the teams that advanced to the top 16, with various routines and operations, which are dizzying. When it comes to the “not enough” team in the “One Dream Zhu Xian” zone server, I believe many daoists are familiar with it. He is also an old face of the Battle of Destiny. A three-time champion, his team strength and command are very strong. In this battle of destiny, they also advanced to the knockout stage with a proud record of 5:0 in the group stage, but their performance in the knockout stage was mediocre. The top 16 opponents abstained directly, and the top 8 were pushed quickly, which was surprising. Today, I will take you to review the review analysis of this showdown. Let’s take a look, “you know” how the team quickly won the “not enough” team!

Lineup of both sides:

Watching party (you know the team): 1 Hehuan, 1 Southern Border, 10,000 poisonous double ghosts; Spirit Beasts in January Tan, 1 Shaoxing, 3 men and horses; Birds flying array;

Opponents (not enough for a team): 1 Hehuan 1 Changsheng 1 Southern Border 1 Ghost King 1 Qingyun; Spirit Beast 2 Shao Siming March Tan; Long Feizhen.

Battle details:

In the first round, the spectator’s 1-speed Acacia successfully sealed the opponent’s ghost king, and with the spirit beasts gathering fire and double ghosts “Leaving the Soul Curse” took the lead in winning the first blood of the ghost king.

In the 4th round, the opponent Changsheng was also attacked to the point of being half disabled. When everyone thought that they would continue to focus on the longevity, the spectator turned to focus on the southern border, and the southern border with nearly 8K blood was almost taken away.

In the crucial fifth round, Nanjiang, the opponent, expected the opponent to use fire suppression, so he did not use special skills, but used spirit beasts to protect him, successfully blocking the 4 poisonous swords. But the watching party Acacia obviously predicted the opponent’s prediction, and did not use the fire suppression technique, but Luo Ying. The opponent Nanjiang was then taken away by the spirit beasts, which was full of anger in vain.

In the case of four people falling to the ground, the “not enough” team Acacia successfully cast the infatuation spell, and also filled up the spirit beasts, but “you know” the team’s Linglong Tower and Shenhuo hood, combined with the continuous output of the double ghosts, will not Give the opponent the slightest breath.

The No. 1 position is high-speed and poisonous, followed by a chain of dead ghost kings and longevity, and finally won the victory.

Battle analysis:

Shuangfeng is poisonous to double ghosts, the former is a steady and steady type, and the latter belongs to the rush. The “Not Enough” team started with the Long Fei Array, which was rarely used in the Battle of Destiny, and was able to restrain the mainstream Wind Yang Array, Cloud Drop Array and Ground Load Array. But “you know” the team is on the “fifth floor”, directly using the bird flying formation, and the 1st position Wandu hits the speed object injury charm, and the speed is extremely fast. And the “Not Enough” team didn’t jump out of the lineup either. They were disadvantaged in terms of speed. Shuangfeng couldn’t seal Wandu. The southern border was not protected in time, and the output was even more limited. Ultimate defeat was inevitable.

The above is some analysis of this game. It can be seen that the battle of destiny is not only very important to command and respond on the spot, but also to prepare before the battle. How do fellow Daoists view this showdown? Let us know what you think in the comment section below!