Xianmeng College丨What does it mean to gather the three yin and the three yin in the dreamy new Zhuxian?

Most of the fantasy novels of Zhu Xian and the fantasy world are relatively simple, but there are also some that have harsh opening conditions. For example, in this week’s Illusion 1, many people don’t understand what it means to gather the three yin together in the fantasy new Zhuxian, so here I will explain it in detail to the daoists. If you are interested, you may wish to take a look!

Although the key words we extracted in the introduction of Fantasy Land 1 are “late night, heavy rain, and gloomy cold”, the actual requirements are different, which is also a place that confuses many Taoists.

First of all, the illusion is located in the ghost domain map, on the other side of the Forgotten River in the lower right corner, the crimson area. The entrance to the illusion is on the side of the stone tablet. Initially, according to the prompt, it was thought to be rainy at night, but after some verification, it was found that this was not the case.

The final conclusion is that it is “Hai Shi, strong wind, sunny day”, and “Hai Shi” corresponds to “55~59 minutes” of each hour in the game. The entrance must be opened during this time period, and only when the strong wind is sunny. The entrance is a new white glowing stele on the right side of the stele.

Basically, as long as you see the illusion, create a team, and shout “Illusion 1 into the group” on the public screen, many daoists will come immediately. It should be noted that Mirage 1 requires a team of 5 people to enter. After entering, if someone leaves the team, they can also bring people into the group. In addition, the difficulty of Illusion 1 is still a little bit, so it is recommended to set up a nurse.

Enter the secret realm from the “Flower Monument on the Other Side”, fly to the opposite side, and talk to Mr. Qi Tan to select a space card. Here, cards such as casting table, dragging, and floating are generally recommended, which can increase or cause damage. In PVE, offense is preferred over defense.

The enemy is the bird flying formation. It is recommended to use the wind formation, double seal or milk station speed position, and output martial station damage or crit position. The enemy’s front row left and right wrestlers have 3 pen immortals in the middle, 2 ghost kings and 2 longevity monsters in the back row, and the boss is the green cloud monster. The seal first seals the ghost king and monster, and then clears the front row. Casting tables or stacking boxes for the output sects in the team is commonly known as “lifting high”.

The front row of the enemy will stand on the wooden box, which has a damage bonus. If there is a push or drag card, you can use it. Pull it down, which not only causes damage, but also stuns.

Monster damage is high, but the overall difficulty is okay, not very high. And because the opening conditions are harsh, and it can also provide chivalrous values, shout it on the world channel, and you will get a lot of responses. As for the rewards, the rewards for a single fantasy dungeon are very general, mainly a bit of luck, a magic box, and a fantasy treasure box for completing 1/3/5 of the fantasy rewards. The most valuable in the fantasy treasure box is the book of heaven.

The above is an introduction to the meaning of the three yin gathering in the dreamy new Zhuxian and the fantasy of the extremely yin night. Generally speaking, the investment in this activity does not match the reward very well. 5 levels a week, you can “immerse” experience the game map details and weather, which is much more interesting than the mechanic’s one.