Xianmeng College丨How to open the fantasy world of the new Zhuxian Chidi Yanyan, location and challenge strategy

This copy of the fantasy world released by Fantasy New Zhuxian, it is interesting, it is indeed interesting, but it is also really troublesome. The opening conditions of some fantasy dungeons are very strict. Many Taoist friends want to know how to open the fantasy new Zhuxian Chidi Yanyan fantasy, which is this week’s fantasy 4. Then, let’s explain the location of the illusion in detail, the opening conditions, and share the corresponding challenge strategy.

According to the hint of the illusion in the strange news, it should be in the Xifeng Wasteland, and it will open when the scorching sun is in the sky. The actual verification is also true. The entrance to the illusion is located in the Xifeng Wasteland in the upper left corner of the Huqi Mountain map, a very obvious disc-shaped landmark. That is the location of the Tomahawk Bull Demon Challenge.

Then it is this time that is very particular, the requirement is when it is sunny, that is, during the day. Then “the daytime is hot and the sun is scorching hot”, which is noon. Of course, the noon here is not the noon in the real world, but the time period of 30 minutes to 35 minutes of each hour in the game, strictly speaking, the time period of 30 minutes and 00 seconds to 34 minutes and 59 seconds.

If the above conditions are met, a mass of flames will appear on the surface of the Xifeng Wasteland. Entering from the “hot seam” can open the illusion and enter the flame cave. Talk to Mr. Qi Tan and select the space card. It is recommended to choose space cards such as chests and floors that can cover the burning surface. But the box also has the risk of being dragged. It would be better if it could be drawn into the air.

The formation method is recommended to use the cloud vertical formation to restrain the opposite side. Opposite the front row of 4 things and 1 method, the rear row of double acacias and two southern border monsters, and a flaming scorpion. The main reason is that there will be a scorching surface at the beginning, and if you don’t deal with it, the damage you receive from the enemy will increase.

My own spirit beasts are recommended to bring people, horses or firemen. Many Taoist friends like to bring divine beasts. If the staffing is not too reasonable and there is no seal, it will be easier to overturn.

Therefore, it is recommended that daoists who plan to play this fantasy dungeon call people on the world channel, explain the configuration requirements of personnel and spirit beasts in advance, and quickly select the cards without ink. It is worth mentioning that fellow Daoists who have completed the illusion can get 15 points of chivalry by assisting others to complete the illusion. If the Xianxia Road is full, they can also get double chivalry.

The above is a detailed introduction to how to open the fantasy new Zhuxian Chidi Yanyan fantasy. The difficulty of this fantasy is relatively high among the 9 kinds of fantasy. go. Otherwise, you will have to wait another 1 hour before you can open it!