Xianmeng College丨Fantasy Xinzhu Xian, where is the location of the fantasy world, the location of the entrance and how to play

“Fantasy New Zhuxian” has just launched a new gameplay “Fantasy Wonderland”, which requires Taoists to find the entrance to the fantasyland according to the clues. Many Taoist friends are confused and don’t know where the location of the fantasy world is. Here, Brother Dao will share the detailed explanation of the entrance location and gameplay of the fantasy new Zhuxian Fantasyland for Daoists, let’s take a look!

Unlock conditions:

World level ≥ 60, character level ≥ 60, reset every Monday at 0:00.

Start task:

After the maintenance update goes live, the daoists will take a quest in the task bar, go to Wuxin Tea House in Kongsang Mountain, and look for Mr. Qi Tan (Shu Xian), he will tell you about various clues.

Of course, fellow daoists can also check the clue keywords directly from “Strange News” – “Fantasy Tales” in the lower right corner. The 5 Illusions refreshed this week are Shishi Town Evil, Peach Blossom Origin, Hongchuan Youge, Giant Mouth Swallowing the Sky, and No Eating My Millet. Each illusion has a description, from which keywords can be extracted to know where the entrance to the illusion is.

Shishi Town Evil:

Key words: night rain, the entrance of Shihua Pavilion

It is obviously in the East City (right) of the Heyang City map, at the door of the Shihua Pavilion. But you need to wait until night, and it is raining weather before the fantasy entrance will appear. So you have to wait a while, and finish other illusions first.

PS: Brother Dao is going to complain here. When I was doing Shishi Zhenxie, I waited for it to get dark on a rainy day. I don’t know who “crow’s mouth” was. It was finally dark, but the rain stopped. It’s really a “Q”.

The source of peach blossoms:

Key words: During the heavy rain, the end of the peach forest in the northeast of Dead Swamp, the Baima River

After some research, we found that the entrance to the illusion is in the northeast of the Death Swamp map (top right). Appears only in rainy weather.

Hongchuan You Song:

Key words: Longyue, Night Return, Heyang Dyefang Hou Pier

In the east area of ​​the Heyang City map (right side), the small pier behind the dyeing and weaving workshop is not the pier in the lower right corner of the Heyang City map. Many Taoists have made a mistake. The same few, need night to trigger.

Big mouth swallows the sky:

Keywords: Moonlight Night, Shanhaiyuan Back Kitchen

Liu Yishou behind the stove in the middle of the Heyang City map, as shown in the map.

No food for my millet:

Keywords: South side of Heyang Pipeline, Moonlight Night, Caomiao Village

The entrance is in the lower right corner of the Heyang City map, on the right side of the official road, not in Heyang City. It also needs to be triggered at night.

Fantasy copy:

After we enter the phantom dungeon, daoists can choose various space blessing cards, such as drag and drop cards, box cards, floor cards, floating cards, and casting cards.

Drag the card, you can use it to cause damage to the enemy and make it move. If it is pulled from the box or casting table, it will also cause high damage and stun.

Box cards are divided into three types: wooden boxes, stone boxes, and iron boxes, which are similar to the blocking effect of the Ice Wall and the Heaven and Earth Dharma Gate. At the same time, standing on the box will also obtain the [Condescending] state, which has bonuses to damage, seal hit, and healing effects.

Floor cards, lay the floor, cover the original landform, avoid the negative effects of the original landform.

Floating card, so that the target of your own unit gets a floating state (white wings, so handsome!), which lasts for 3 rounds, during which it obtains the [Condescending] state, which can be superimposed with other similar effects, and is immune to drag and terrain effects.

Cast a table card and use it on your own nine-square grid to make the units on the nine-square grid get [Condescending] state.

There are many interesting and novel routines waiting for you to discover!

The above is the entire content of the location of the fantasy new Zhuxian fantasy world and the detailed explanation of the gameplay. Not to mention, Dao Ge is going to ask for rain!