Xianmeng College丨Fantasy new Zhuxian Mountain Thief Attacks gameplay introduction, guard the gang with your gang members

The second round of the Dream New Zhuxian Golden Autumn October event is coming. The scale of the in-game updates during this period is not counted. It seems that they plan to hold back a big wave. The new event going live today is a gang event called “The Bandit Attack”. So the following will bring you a detailed introduction to the new fantasy Zhuxian Mountain Thief Attack gameplay, so that everyone can understand this event.

The event will start at 11.30pm, 1.30pm, 3.30pm, 5.30pm and 7.30pm every day. Each time it is turned on, it will last for 30 minutes, just in time to connect to the purification star array at noon. It has to be said that Mengzhu’s activities are more and more, and the time is full all day.

Fortunately, this activity itself is not too complicated, you can participate in any of the above-mentioned time periods, and you can get full rewards as long as you complete it 3 times. Note that the three times here does not mean that 5 time periods participate in 3 time periods, but that one time period can participate 3 times, and all the tasks of the day can be completed. After more than 3 times, only copper coins can be rewarded, and a maximum of 8 copper coins can be obtained every day.

After the event starts, go to the gang station and talk to the NPC “Jin Guan Lai” next to the star stone guardian to start the event. The activity is still very simple, there will be “bandit leaders” and “shanzhai masters” scattered around the gang station. The leader is easy to find, but the village owner will have to spend a lot of time, and Yujian can check it from the air.

The difficulty of the leader is low, and it can also be dealt with by a single person with a fairy friend. The village owner is a little difficult, and it is a little difficult to handle alone, so you need to help your friends to meet the enemy. The formation used by both the leader and the village owner is the tiger wing formation, and the physical output is more. Therefore, you can consider using the bird flying array (speed, damage) and the ground array (physical defense, damage, speed, affinity). The village owner has a lot of group attacks, and it is not a big problem to directly run over with a high team configuration. Otherwise, it would be better to bring a milk.

Although the main rewards marked on the event interface are experience, copper coins, and the chance to obtain the holy fruit of the Jade Pond and the fairy jade of peace, but the actual five treasures, aura runes, and prayers have a chance to be obtained. Of course, because it is a gang activity, there must be contributions.

The above is the whole content of the introduction to the new fantasy Zhuxian Mountain Thief Attack. The event lasts for 7 days, which means that there are 21 chances to obtain the holy fruit of Yaochi. Daoists remember to find more cottage owners to adjust, and the rewards will be more generous. Finally, I wish the daoists full of luck and get higher-level rewards