Xianmeng College丨Fantasy New Zhuxian Jinglan Sword Spirit 4-star fast-pass tutorial, quick brushing precautions

“Fantasy New Zhuxian” this week, the Tiandi Sword Mound has been rotated to Jinglan Sword Spirit, so here I will share the 4-star fast-track teaching of Dream New Zhuxian Jinglan Sword Spirit to the Taoists, and talk about the things that need to be paid attention to during the lecture. It is convenient Daoists are more calm to complete the challenge.

This week’s blessing entry is “Entry Anger +20”, which is quite valuable to the Fengfu sect. The BOSS’s two entries are “incentive”, after the mobs die, a random teammate’s life damage +20%, which can be stacked; there is also the power of water spirit, the upper limit of water spirit’s life is doubled, but the double defense is reduced, and the boss absorbs a water spirit for each Permanently increases damage by 20%.

Configuration recommendation: 3 packs, 1 milk and 1 food. The best seal is 2 longevity and 1 acacia, Tianyin for milk, and Ghost King for physics. Naturally, the higher the damage, the better. All 5 spirit beasts use people and horses. The best speed of sealing and milk is above 1350, and 1400 is the best not easy to be allergic.

Detailed play:

In the first round, the 3 seal sects sealed the opposing Ghost King Monster (Jinglan Boy), Longquan Sword Guard (Fear of Objects, Fear of Law), Tianyin Lion Seal, Ghost King and Baby Fire-focused master monster.

In the second round, Feng or Ni used the stunt “impeccable”, and the other 2 Feng Shao’s remaining Longquanian Jianwei, Feng Polang Fairy. Tianyin milk or unrelenting, the spirit beast continued to focus on the main monster.

In the 3rd round, the 2 Changsheng continue to shake. If they are blocked, they can be unblocked by giving medicine to Acacia, or the special skills “Withered Trees Meet Spring” and “Calm and Calm”. Tianyin’s big move is Nirvana. The spirit beasts continue to focus on the main fire monster.

Round 4, if you are lucky, the characters are still there. Continue to focus the fire master should be able to complete the knockout this round. Restart if you are unlucky. Sealed with dead wood, sealed ghost king monster and one of the sword guards, Tianyin milk.

In the 5th round, arrange a high-damage, slow-moving man to guard the corpse monster, and the others to focus on fire and fear. If the pressure of the blood line is relatively high, you can focus on the fire and fear of the sword guard first. If the pressure is small, you can focus on the fire and fear of the milk first. Longevity has the opportunity to be on the chain.

At the beginning of the 6th round, kill the Fear x2, the Ghost King Monster, the Turtle Longevity Monster, the Wavebreaker x2, the Sword Guard, the Milk, and the Fear Method in order (you can consider summoning a single-type spirit beast to fight).


The milk on the left can be used for pure heart and desire, the milk on the right can be calm, and the seal can be used to suppress the fire (the first time it will be used in the 3rd round, and it will not be used continuously). Just seal the front row and the ghost king, the enemy will not be pure.

The above is the general content of the fantasy new Zhuxian Jinglan Sword Spirit 4-star speed pass tutorial. Basically, as long as the first 4 rounds do not make mistakes, you can basically pass. Finally, I wish you all to speed up Sword 4. If you have any good suggestions, please leave a message to share and discuss!