Xianmeng College丨Fantasy New Zhuxian How to play Fantasyland and Wonderland, the second bullet of Fantasyland and Wonderland

The fantasy world of “Fantasy New Zhuxian” will be reset every Monday, and the system will randomly select 5 out of 9 fantasy worlds for a period of one week. Brother Dao has already introduced the locations and strategies of the five illusions last week to fellow Daoists. Maybe some fellow Daoists still don’t know how to play the fantasy world. So with the refresh of this week’s illusions, I will give you a detailed introduction again. Come on!

To avoid friends who are still unclear, I will introduce it from the beginning again. This event requires both world level and character level ≥ 60. Take the quest at Kongshan Sang Wuxin Chaliao to learn about the clues of the fantasy world, or check the clues directly from the “Different Wen-Fantasy Tales” in the lower right corner of the main interface.

This week’s five fantasy worlds are as follows:

Overcast night:

Keywords: late night, heavy rain, cold

The analysis shows that it is on the ghost domain map. When it is very late at night, the heavy rain is naturally the weather, and the cold and cold refers to the time. After all, the dark is the heaviest in the middle of the night.

Location: On the map of Ghost Domain, next to the stone monument on the other side of the Forgotten River, the entrance will be opened next to the stone monument if the condition of ” heavy rain at night ” is met.

Hongchuan You Song:

Key words: Longyue, Night Return, Heyang Dyefang Hou Pier

This is relatively simple. It is a small pier behind the weaving and dyeing workshop in the East District of Heyang City on a clear night .

Location: As shown in the picture, if the conditions are met, an entrance will appear on the water.

Chess Wine Tongxuan:

Key words: Moonlit Night, Bamboo Forest in Caomiao Village

This is very simple. On a clear night , in the Fulong Bamboo Sea in the lower left corner of the map of Caomiao Village , you can see the entrance to the illusion with green light .

Location: As shown in the picture,

Red Earth Flame:

Key words: sunny time, Xifeng wasteland, blazing fire during the day, scorching sun

The location of the illusion is ” Xifeng Wasteland ” in the upper left corner of the Huqishan map . The scorching sun refers to the middle of the day, which corresponds to about 30 to 34 minutes of each hour in reality. Note that the time is very fast, you can form a team in advance, and you can enter immediately after the 30-minute illusion is opened.

Location: As shown in the picture, the yellow flame on the surface is the entrance to the illusion

The source of peach blossoms:

Key words: During the heavy rain, the end of the peach forest in the northeast of Dead Swamp, the Baima River

In the Peach Blossom Valley in the upper right corner of the Death Swamp map , it needs to be triggered in heavy rain .

Location: as shown

The above is an introduction to how to play the fantasy novel Zhuxian Fantasyland. I have to complain about this, especially the “heavy rain” weather, which is really rare, not to mention that some require rainy weather at night. How many fantasy realms have you completed? Let us know what you think in the comment section below!