Wuling Automobile’s new energy business broke out and the number of new energy axles exceeded 1 million units

Our reporter Li Yucheng and trainee reporter Wang Jingru

On October 26, Wuling Industry, the holding company of Wuling Motors (00305.HK), welcomed its 1 millionth new energy vehicle axle off the assembly line, becoming the first domestic company whose production and sales of miniature integral electric axles exceeded 1 million units. From 0 to 1 million, it took Wuling Industry less than three years.

Since its establishment, Wuling Motors has been deeply engaged in the field of auto parts, accurately predicting that new energy vehicles are the inevitable development trend of the auto industry, and decisively deploying the field of new energy axles. With more than 30 years of experience in R&D and manufacturing of more than 10 million traditional fuel bridges, with an annual production scale of 1.4 million fuel bridges, Wuling Motors has always adhered to technological innovation as the driving force, with the goal of mastering core technologies, and constantly self-cultivation and upgrading. A completely independent electric axle development process has been built, and it has the independent development capability of passenger electric drive system assembly, miniature integral electric axle and light integral electric axle.

What is more worth mentioning is that Wuling Motors has developed technology platforms of various structural types in parallel. This year, the second-generation integral electric axle, the offset coaxial electric drive axle, has also been successfully supplied in batches, and nearly 10 projects have been applied for. Patented, becoming the first overall biased coaxial electric drive axle product to be promoted to the market in China.

According to relevant sources, Wuling Motors has not only become the supplier of Wuling Hongguang MINI electric axles, but also attracted the attention and cooperation of many model customers because of its profound manufacturing genes, persistent independent innovation, and fast and high-quality response services. The same type of series electric axles of Wuling Motors accounted for 90% of the new energy mini-vehicles, achieving a 12-fold increase.

During the ceremony, Yuan Zhijun, President of Guangxi Automobile Group and Chairman of Wuling Automobile’s Board of Directors, said that we will focus on the development of the entire industry chain of new energy vehicles, relying on the existing new energy product platform, and actively explore the market, through automation, intelligence and digital information technology. Innovative application, creating cost-effective new energy series products with strong market competitiveness and continuing to grow bigger and stronger, opening a new chapter in the development of new energy business.

(edited by Zhang Mingfu and Bai Baoyu)