[Wuhan SEO optimization] 5-minute online sales private room class: poor website optimization effect, have you found the root cause of the disease?

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Many people see someone else’s well-ranked website, which is related to their own industry. If the structure is not very complicated, the first thing that comes to mind is to find someone to imitate the website, and then send an external link. It can also rank as well as the reference website. , but I found that after the imitation site was launched for a few months, there was no ranking effect at all, so I would be very confused, why my website is the same as the reference website, and even has more content and external links, why is the ranking not good, a little worse than his It’s okay, at least there are rankings, but it’s really cruel.

The SEO forum has already encountered many friends who have this kind of confusion. The key point of the entanglement is “obviously my website is the same as the reference website”, why is the ranking so far? In fact, there are many reasons, a brief analysis of the reasons:

1. Most of the imitation stations just imitate the appearance:

Other websites do very well, and the cost is not low. It costs a few hundred dollars for an imitation website, and also includes the cost of domain name space. It is conceivable how ordinary the quality is. Although the appearance looks exactly the same, the inner Architecture is far from it. And you don’t even know what this website was like. What you know is that the ranking of this website is very good now. Maybe the original website has been fine-tuned many times to polish the website so well, and your imitation website is In one fell swoop, it can only be similar in appearance but not in spirit.

2. You are not clear about the effective resources of the reference website:

A lot of people will continue to refute it, and I will also find someone to optimize it after I stand down. In theory, the ranking will also be good. This theory is indeed correct, but with different optimization levels, the optimization effects are also far from each other. It is impossible for you to know 100% of the effective resources of the reference website, such as external link resources, drainage strategies, event promotion, etc.

3. Search engines treat homogeneous sites differently:

The lifeblood of a search engine is to provide effective results to search users, that is, to show the most valuable content on the Internet to visitors, and your website is copied or cloned, then for the good content that already exists, you can provide a new website. Similar resources, there is no reason for search engines to recommend you to users, so if you are just a static imitation site, the results are obvious.

Imitation website is a low cost way to build a website now, and it is also because many people recognize the reference website, so they want to build a basically the same website themselves, the purpose must be to get the ranking results similar to the reference website, but if If your cost is really low, then it is normal to have no ranking results. After all, “you get what you pay for” is still relatively established.