Wuhan Boshi Anorectal Specialist Hospital is good for the patients as much as possible, and actively does practical things for the masses

Since its establishment, Wuhan Boshi Anorectal Hospital has been focusing on the research and treatment of anorectal and gastrointestinal diseases, and has always adhered to the concept of patient first and safety first, serving all patients.

Wuhan Boshi Anorectal Hospital implements “quality control” management, refines each work to the whole process of diagnosis and treatment for patients, implements quantitative assessment management, and strives to improve the patient’s medical environment, optimize the medical process, in hardware settings, The service attitude and behavior reflect humanized care everywhere. In the process of serving patients, they pay attention to the dissemination of medical information and knowledge between doctors and patients, as well as psychological communication and emotional exchange, and change the medical service activities from the original simple “treatment of diseases” to “treatment of people”, from “treatment of the body” “Turn to “governance” and fully respect the patient’s right to know and choose.

 How is Wuhan Boshi Anorectal Hospital? How good is it?

 1. Famous doctors gather, experts gather: Wuhan Boshi Anorectal Hospital has a strong team of anorectal experts. The department is led by anorectal experts with more than 20 years of medical experience, rich clinical experience and superb skills, with many excellent medical skills and noble medical ethics. The professional anorectal medical team specializes in triage, and they are good at clinical diagnosis and treatment, so that they can treat each person, symptomatically, and scientifically.

 2.Technical equipment and treatment effect: Introduce and develop advanced anorectal disease diagnosis and treatment technology, mainly treat common anorectal diseases and various incurable diseases, lead Hubei anorectal diagnosis and treatment into a non-invasive era, and are widely praised and trusted by patients in Hubei.

 3. Caring service, people-oriented: Anorectal Department of Wuhan Boshi Anorectal Hospital advocates the concept of “specialty, expert, special disease, special treatment” medical service. Featured brand hospital and work hard!

 In order to strengthen the protection of patients’ rights and interests, the hospital has established a doctor-patient communication system and a complaint handling system, which has basically prevented the phenomenon of “raw, hard, cold, and push” among medical staff. The hospital also put forward the requirements of “six facts” to serve the masses: that is, to clarify the facts, to find out the reasons, to be realistic, to make efforts, and to seek practical results, so that patients can benefit from it, and continue to introduce convenient service measures, participate in social welfare inspections, and try their best To give benefit to patients, and actively do practical things for the masses.