Wu Qihua praised Charmaine Sheh’s acting skills better than Gigi Lai, revealing that Gigi Lai’s personality is as luxurious as a princess

When it comes to the acting skills of TVB’s first-line actresses, Gigi Lai and Charmaine Sheh are among the best. But which of the two has better acting skills? Recently, 58-year-old Wu Qihua told the truth on a program in Guangzhou.

In addition to cooperating with Cai Shaofen in “The Hands of Kindness”, Wu Qihua ushered in the peak of his career as Cheng Zhimei. In 2000, at the age of 36, he played the leading actor Zhang Wuji in “The Legend of Heaven and Dragon Saber”. The love triangle is also a collective memory of many people.

Wu Qihua was recently interviewed by the radio program “Beauty and Beauty”, recalling two interesting events that happened that year. Wu Qihua revealed that TVB executives and producers planned to cast Charmaine Sheh as Zhao Min and Gigi Lai as Zhou Zhiruo. After all, Gigi Lai played Zhou Zhiruo in the movie version of “Yi Tian Tu Long Ji”.

But later, Ng Qi Hua suggested that the two switch roles, he said: “Charmaine Sheh is a bit baby fat, not long after her debut, Gigi Lai is a bit exotic.”

Wu Qihua also praised Charmaine Sheh for her good acting skills, as she can portray Zhou Zhiruo’s evil side. He said bluntly, “Ashe’s acting skills are better than Gigi Lai’s, Zhou Zhiruo is more difficult to act.” Later, he also followed Wu Qihua’s advice for part-time jobs.

Wu Qihua broke the news that Gigi Lai is more “princess-like”. He recalled that once when all the actors were resting in the location car, everyone was very tired. When they were resting, a woman suddenly said “Wow!”, everyone was scared by Gigi Lai’s cry When everyone jumped up, it turned out that it was an animal who didn’t know whether it was a wasp or a flying insect, Gigi Lai yelled loudly.

In fact, Wu Qihua’s complaints are not groundless. Gigi Lai was born in an acting family. Since her debut, her acting skills have been questioned. In the 1990s, she has been walking in the entertainment industry as a vase. It wasn’t until 2004 that he won TVB TV with “Golden Branch Desire” that he proved his strength.

Charmaine Sheh is different. She debuted as Miss Hong Kong in 1997. After 2 years of exploring her acting skills, almost every year after that she was nominated for TVB’s post-screening. In 2006, she was awarded the queen prize with “Phoenix Quartet”. At first, she also received some doubts, thinking that TVB favored her own daughter, but Charmaine Sheh’s most classic drama series is not her award-winning work. Every drama of hers is particularly good , so far it is a classic.

For example, “Wine is Hometown Alcohol”, “Emperor’s Flower”, “The Young Master of Xiguan”, “Fire Dance and Yellow Sand”, “Dongshan Rain and Xiguan Sunshine”, “Peerless Shangjiao”, “The Scheming of the Palace”, “The Princess Married”, “Heaven and Earth”… …Until 2014, when she won the top spot again with “Apostle Walker”, even sister Wang Mingquan said: “Ah Sheh, I have no chance to lose!”.

As for Charmaine Sheh and Gigi Lai’s acting competition, in addition to being shown in the works, they also participated in Hunan Satellite TV’s “Happy Camp” in 2006. There was also a scene, which was to cry first. Under the instigation of He Jiong and others, Charmaine Sheh was the first to cry, and her acting skills are beyond doubt.

Of course, it is easy to offend people by saying which is better, but Wu Qihua actually bluntly said that Gigi Lai’s acting skills are not as good as Charmaine Sheh. In the opinion of the editor, this has something to do with Gigi Lai and Charmaine Sheh’s current status in the entertainment industry. Gigi Lai married in 2008 and took a break from filming. She devoted herself to doing business, took care of her husband and daughter every day, and lived a comfortable and luxurious life.

Charmaine Sheh’s career in the mainland has flourished since 2017, and she has received a soft spot for her endorsement of variety shows. She has become TVB’s “living sign” and a synonym for acting skills. At this time, Wu Qihua praised Ah Sheh strongly, he did not rule out a little selfishness, maybe the two of them will have the opportunity to cooperate in the future.

The entertainment industry is a vanity fair, and all behaviors and remarks between actors have motives to follow. Checking Wu Qihua’s Weibo, it can be seen that he has a good relationship with Charmaine Sheh and an average relationship with Gigi Lai. Even when sending blessings to Charmaine Sheh on her birthday, some netizens discovered that Zhang Wuji had never interacted with Zhao Min.

It seems that Gigi Lai has become a thing of the past, Ah Sheh’s future is limitless, and Wu Qihua, as the “killer of the old lady”, this move has also been carefully considered. They were all good partners in the past, and they did not hesitate to offend Gigi Lai in order to please Ah Sheh, maybe this is the reality.