Wu Qianyu was exposed to move to her boyfriend’s mansion to design a wedding room. Is this about to be completed?

The progress of Wu Qianyu’s love affair is so sweet!

Just some time ago, she and her boyfriend Shi Boxiong finally stopped mosaicing in the same frame, and it was officially announced!

Wu Qianyu’s stills

Now someone has revealed that she has moved to her boyfriend’s mansion and started designing a wedding room.

The two have already met their parents and are said to be preparing for marriage now.

The two have been low-key for a few years, is this finally going to be a success?

Come see Wu Qianyu’s fiance Shi Boxiong.

Hong Kong people, one year older than Wu Qianyu.

The family is also very good.

Belongs to a wealthy family in Hong Kong.

Shi Boxiong’s grandfather, Shi Ziqing, is a well-known entrepreneur and social activist in Hong Kong.

With a net worth of 10 billion, he was very familiar with the then Chief Executive of Hong Kong, and was called the Justice of the Peace of Hong Kong.

His Rolls-Royce plate number is 1968.

Look at the picture below, the car in front is Liu Luanxiong’s license plate “love You”.

Neither status nor financial resources should be underestimated.

In Shi Boxiong’s father’s generation, the Shi family began to get involved in politics.

Shi Boxiong’s father and two uncles were both in politics.

Shi Boxiong is the eldest grandson of the third generation of the family.

He previously studied International Relations and Economics at George Washington University, where he also received a Bachelor of Arts degree.

After graduation, he returned to Hong Kong to work as an executive of a technology Internet company.

Although he does not have a full-time family business, he is said to be worth 3 billion yuan.

He and Wu Qianyu have also been super sweet in recent years.

Weibo is for Wu Qianyu.

Frequently forward Wu Qianyu’s work updates.

Active like Wu Qianyu’s career fan.

Because of the last love, I was scolded as a gold-worshipping girl.

Wu Qianyu has always followed the principle of mosaic of the same frame in this relationship.

He will also make fun of Wu Qianyu’s mosaic of him every time.

I will also find a bear face sticker to protect her.

Wu Qianyu, who was coded to eat hot pot together.

The bear in the middle of the picture below is also covering Wu Qianyu.

He also claimed to be Wu Qianyu’s brother Xiong.

Ah, the homophonic stalk of the dead man!

Looking at it, Shi Boxiong couldn’t hold back his eagerness to get the title even if he was asked to mosaic!

He often posts Wu Qianyu on his Weibo and also matches it with provocative words.

Express your gratitude for being with Wu Qianyu.

Dinner with family, high paste should also be dried.

Before Wu Qianyu’s movie was released, he also bought 500 tickets to give away.

He seems to be quite interested in this relationship.

This time Wu Qianyu showed his full face and figure at the end of his vlog.

It was said by netizens that it was finally officially announced.

Shi Boxiong immediately responded on Weibo!

Daqing himself was finally not deleted in the woman’s vlog.

He was also congratulated by netizens.

Pretty loyal dog boyfriend gesture.

Let Yang think of Lin Feng’s 7 love declaration when he publicly disclosed his relationship with Wu Qianyu.

I am also a super fan of Wu Qianyu, and I am super obsessed with it!

Have to say a thousand words bb, something!

The third generation of Hong Kong-style beauty representatives

Debut is the successor of Baby

There are two versions of Wu Qianyu’s family background, one poor and one rich.

Not very wealthy in general.

But this can’t resist the mixed-race appearance she can play.

After making her commercial debut at the age of 17, she took the route of mixed-race Hong Kong-style beauty.

Directly regarded as the successor of the second-generation Hong Kong-style beauty Baby.

But compared to Baby’s delicate mixed-race feeling, Wu Qianyu’s mixed-race feeling is more rounded and atmospheric.

The starting point of the mountain is high, and the bridge of the nose is relatively thick, which is suitable for the rounded nose, which is both atmospheric and delicate.

From the side, the facial curves are smooth, and there is no lack of sweetness.

In addition, she also has a lot of soft tissue on her face, which is somewhat plump and beautiful.

To sum up, heroic, mixed-race, and gorgeous.

It has both sweetness and wisdom of Hong Kong women.

It can be said to be the top match of mixed-race beauty.

Her figure is not at all white and thin.

Very muscular.

Most of the time I stay in the subtropical zone, I often take vacations by the water, and my swimsuit photos are also generous.

And looking at her photos, she really enjoys life.

Sheep finds that there are many natural elements such as water, trees, mountains, sun, etc. in her photos.

It looks very natural.

The photo poses also lack the pretentiousness common to internet celebrities.

It is very much like a rich and powerful daughter.

On Weibo, she has more copy and text.

Said he was holding stinky tofu to hide from the rain or something.

It can be said that it is advanced and grounded.

It can be seen that he loves life, likes outdoor sports, and is very energetic.

I don’t know if you have noticed that, although there are various styles of beauty, it is always very moving.

Although he also made movies like “Ip Man 3” after his debut.

But as an actor, Wu Qianyu is still a small paste.

Looking at her development in the past ten years, in addition to the great exposure of her love affair with Lin Feng.

The rest are her many high-quality beautiful pictures.

Similar to Ni Ni’s road to fashion coffee through street photography.

Said to be a female star, in fact, more like a big Internet celebrity.

The black material gradually fades

Finally, wait until word of mouth reverses

Wu Qianyu was also exposed to have a lot of black material, but because she has little experience in public love.

The only thing that is widely known by the public is being scolded for worshipping money with Lin Feng.

Those who follow the gossip of ancient times know that Wu Qianyu was in love with Lin Feng before.

It was revealed by the media that she spent 7000w on Lin Feng in 6 minutes.

But then someone said it was just some bags and a car.

Still don’t know if it’s true or not.

Previously, Wang Sicong said that she was in the celebrity training class, but she publicly clarified that she didn’t know the truth.

With the comeback of Lin Feng’s variety show, and Lin Feng’s wife’s connotation, Wu Qianyu broke up and went to watch the dog with his ex.

Imitation of Wu Qianyu’s dressing and other showy operations.

Netizens suddenly discovered her ex, but she didn’t say a word, she’s been quite quiet.

In addition, after she broke up with Lin Feng in 2019, the man quickly got married and had children.

Lin Feng personally connoted her pua herself on variety shows.

Wu Qianyu finally ushered in a reversal of word of mouth.

He did not come out to clarify, nor did he speak ill of his ex.

This practice of not arguing, not explaining, and not easily exposing one’s life to the media.

Gave her a lot of passers-by fans.

As time goes by, people will appreciate their dignified gestures and become curious about her.

As a netizen analyzed:

“The slander of public opinion has cast a more mysterious color on her.

After going through the most uncomfortable years, the eyes that were staring at Wu Qianyu disappeared, and only curiosity remained:

Why are you still so happy? Why are you so happy? “

As soon as this relationship was exposed, it made people feel that she had self-restraint.

Look back at her Weibo where she disclosed that she had broken up with Lin Feng.

The first is that he has not cheated, the second that he has paid, and the third that he is devoted to his career.

It can be called a model of female star breaking up.

Also a ruthless man.

It is not difficult to find that Wu Qianyu’s personality and her appearance are quite matched.

Being sweet and not aggressive is one aspect, but she is not silly and sweet, and she is still a very cautious person.

Looking back at her pursuit of dreams in the entertainment industry, she debuted at the age of 17 and is only 29 years old.

Although her career is not as popular as she is, the two boyfriends who are in public contact are better than her.

It can be said to be very attractive.

What a wealthy and noble son, when Wu Qianyu came here, he was a male love brain.

But what’s more enviable than marrying a rich man is that men are not very fond of her…

Just to worship? ? ?

With this kind of mentality, it is better to say that she is a top female Alpha rather than a wealthy female killer.

worthy of respect.

It was mentioned earlier that she was scolded for worshipping money, so it is not necessary to explain.

Boyfriends who will only find after the breakup are worth more.

This kind of overcoming the idea of ​​demanding and restraining oneself in the eyes of others, and getting rid of the mentality of the sense of necessity that always needs to be explained to others.

Still very admirable.

To say that they have a gold-absorbing physique, it is better to say that they have clear goals and stable emotions.

Who am I, what do I care about, and what do I not care about?

Once the boundaries of the self are determined, many things become no longer relevant to oneself.

It is also easier to shield from outside interference and negative comments.

Yang found that some of the Internet celebrities who are doing well now are basically this kind of emotionally stable, happy and relaxed route.

Try to be a happy person and put your mind and focus on yourself.

Say they are selfish or self-love.

Like it or not, but they always insist on being themselves.

man is temporary

life goes on

Wu Qianyu’s experience is very similar to that of another Hong Kong female star, Zhang Xiaohui.

It’s all because of a relationship that bears the infamy of worshipping money.

It is also because he loves to find rich boyfriends and is called a rich and powerful killer.

He was also scolded in various ways, but never returned.

After a few years, no one is interested in their true and false stories.

Seeing them still living comfortably and comfortably makes them feel like they have two brushes.

This is also one of the characteristics that attracts wealthy and high-quality men.

Be tough and look ahead.

You can look forward to the past.

Perhaps for them, attracting rich men is not the purpose.

As Zhang Xiaohui mentioned in an interview recently.

A wealthy family, a lot of money, can’t represent everything about a man.

Nor is it the only criterion for mate selection.

They will want quality men just because they are equally quality women.

It is even said that men are just a spice in life.

Wu Qianyu also publicly stated that she is not in a hurry to get married and have children.

These are enough to show that in their eyes, men are no longer a lifelong career.

They also have other options, and they don’t necessarily have to use dedication and sacrifice to please the opposite sex.

After I understand this, the only thing left is how to live my life well.

Of course, figuring this out doesn’t mean you hate men, it’s just an extra layer of choice and self-consistency.

Wu Qianyu, who was born in a public housing, has come to this stage, even if he doesn’t marry a wealthy family, he is an internet celebrity and filming.

It won’t be bad either.

Just like Shi Boxiong’s text says “Miss Wu is someone I admire”.

As for what kind of people are they?

Sheep feels that she must be “a person who does not necessarily have a perfect life, but always insists on loving life in his own world”.