Wu Kequn × CHiCBANANA: Self-answer

Write a poem that never ends, pursue a dazzling and pure light, never ask the return journey, and love endlessly.

Beige tones are more suitable for the comfort and coziness of autumn and winter. Dark green is used to break the dullness and the atmosphere is advanced.

Beige inside, cardigan: ICICLE


The printed shirt adds some retro flavor, and the leather texture is handsome and stylish.

Shirt: Golden Goose

Jacket: PETER WU

Trousers: Droitière

The suit is definitely an indispensable and versatile formula throughout the year. The blue shirt greatly neutralizes the seriousness of the suit, with a degree of relaxation.

Shirt: Sandro

Jacket and trousers: ELVIS.CHEUNG

The black tooling suit is both practical and fashionable, with a pair of casual and energetic white shoes, refreshing and clean.

Shirt, vest, trousers: Bambini

Shoes: CROWN

The classic black sweater will never go out of style, and any pair of trousers will have a sense of autumn and winter atmosphere.

Knitwear, pants: LAOFOYE

Who doesn’t know what to wear in winter? The same color system with its own eye-catching attributes can stand out in the crowd, and there is no pressure to wear any color inside, and it is fashionable and stylish.

Leather: Droitière


Down Jacket: Peacebird Men’s

Relax and focus,

Gentle and warmer.

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