Written before the JDG and T1 finals: wild core and the big C in the bottom road, will decide who can advance

Written before the JDG and T1 finals: wild core and the big C in the bottom road, will decide who can advance

The upcoming match between JDG and T1 will determine who can win the first ticket to the S12 World Finals of “League of Legends”. Before the start of the competition, Rabbit Driver would like to analyze the advantages and disadvantages of the two teams. In my opinion, JDG’s wild core Kanavi and T1’s bot lane big C Xiao Lu Bu will be the key to the victory of the two teams.

Here, the rabbit driver must first apologize to Zeus. After Canna left T1, I once thought that if zeus could not reach the height of Canna, T1 would have made a wrong decision to let Canna go. Facts have proved that such worries are completely unnecessary. After a season of tempering, zeus, who came to the second season of his career, has completely completed his evolution. Judging from the current performance, zeus is the strongest top laner in the world. LOL’s official commentator, Mr. Miller, also bluntly said: If it is purely 1 V1 laning, zeus currently has no opponent. This time he faced Phoenix Nirvana’s first LPL top single 369. Rabbit driver personally believes that the laning line on the road will be 64, and zeus is unlikely to take too much advantage. After all, the 369, which has both offense and defense, is no longer what it used to be.

We can look at one of the more interesting data above – the average visual field score is poor, and T1 is actually a negative score. You must know that T1 is a team with “auxiliary core” keria. Why is the vision score so low? The rabbit driver thinks that is the reason for the wild oner. So far, T1 has only lost one game. With such a high winning rate, the team attaches great importance to vision protection, and has top-level support, the vision score is still so poor. It can only be said that the jungler oner is really not good at vision control. You know, JDG’s vision score was obtained after playing three games with DK. Kanavi can be said to have no disadvantage in the face of canyon. On the other hand, in this year’s battle with several top junglers such as Wei, Xiaohuan, and canyon, he was basically suppressed on the field. If it weren’t for the upper and lower thigh mad C, the oner would have been played even more ugly.

From last year’s competition, the rabbit driver could see that this oner was simply unusable. Faker has been caught many times in this World Championship. Of course, there is a factor of his own decline, but it has a lot to do with oner’s lack of protection in the middle. With the degeneration of faker in this year’s game, the fact that oner is not a top jungler is magnified even more obviously. From my personal point of view, as long as Kanavi can completely suppress the oner in the jungle, JDG’s upper and middle sides may be able to gain an advantage against T1.

T1 is currently the most likely point to gain an advantage, and the rabbit driver believes that it is on the bottom road. Although it is said that JDG’s bot lane combination hope and missing also performed very well this year. But compared to little Lu Bu and Keria, it is still a bit worse. This is the gap between qualified starters and top players. If JDG’s bot lane combination can’t withstand the attack of the T1 bot lane duo, the game is likely to be brought into the rhythm of T1.

In addition to the advantages and disadvantages of the line, the rabbit driver felt that the variables of the game lie in two people: JDG’s 369 and T1’s faker. This time, 369 will face the best top laner since the start of this World Championship, and possibly the strongest top laner zeus among the top four teams. If he can not be destroyed, or even play a laning advantage, then JDG’s advantage in the upper half will be more obvious. It can be said that the performance of 369 can directly determine the lower limit of JDG. In terms of T1, faker, a former triple crown mid laner, has now become a breakthrough for the team. Oner can find the bottom line by grabbing resources anyway, and the fact that faker is suppressed online can only be said to be a decline in strength. Taking this World Championship as an example, faker made many mistakes that should not have been made: he did not hand in when it was time to flash, he was out of touch with the team and was killed, etc. Under the circumstance that the jungler is embarrassed and useful, if the middle lane is penetrated again, then the T1 world tour will definitely end.

Judging from the performance of this World Championship, T1’s chances of winning on paper will be slightly higher. However, the lower limit of oner will still be lower. If Kanavi can completely suppress Brother Satisfaction, T1, which has completely collapsed in the wild area, may only be able to hope that the super god in the bottom lane will play.