World Stroke Day | Recognize stroke symptoms, seize precious time, stroke can be prevented and cured

October 29, 2022 is the 17th World Stroke Day. This year’s publicity theme: Recognize stroke one second earlier, save brain recovery ; slogan: Race against time to save lives .

When the climate gradually changes from cool to cold, it is easy to induce cerebral vasoconstriction, blood pressure fluctuations, and instability of intravascular plaques, so it is a high-incidence season for stroke.


Stroke – National Health “Number One Killer”

Stroke (commonly known as “stroke”) is an acute cerebrovascular disease, a group of diseases in which blood cannot supply the brain due to sudden rupture or blockage of cerebral blood vessels, which can usually be divided into ischemic (ie, cerebral infarction) and Hemorrhagic (including cerebral hemorrhage and subarachnoid hemorrhage) two categories.

Stroke is characterized by acute onset, rapid disease progression, and serious consequences, with high morbidity, high recurrence, high disability, and high mortality. Stroke has become the second leading cause of death in the world’s population, with one stroke occurring in every four people’s lifetime. In China, stroke has been ranked the number one killer of people’s health for more than ten years, which is more terrifying than liver cancer, lung cancer, coronary heart disease, etc.


Stroke is not a “stroke” that cannot be prevented

Professor Zhao Yongbo, director of the third department of neurology at Shanghai Tianyou Hospital, said: Although stroke is very harmful, as a disease caused by lifestyle, environment, genetics and other factors, a large number of clinical studies and practice have proved that stroke can be prevented. Curable.


“The so-called ‘prevention’ refers to actively discovering and controlling risk factors. Active prevention and treatment are more effective than passive rescue. This is not only the top priority of preventing the occurrence and recurrence of stroke, but also effectively reducing coronary heart disease. , vascular dementia and other diseases.” Professor Zhao Yongbo further pointed out.


Stroke prevention can be divided into the following aspects 


adjust living habits

The ability of middle-aged and elderly people to regulate temperature is not as good as before, so they should pay more attention to the weather forecast and change clothes according to the weather changes. Get moderate exercise, but don’t overwork your body. Get enough sleep every day.


Check your health regularly

Patients with diabetes and hypertension should regularly monitor blood glucose and blood pressure indicators, and regularly and quantitatively use hypoglycemic and antihypertensive drugs in strict accordance with doctor’s orders.


healthy diet

Eat less greasy, high-salt and high-sugar foods, and properly consume healthy foods rich in vitamins and proteins, such as lightly cooked vegetables, lean meat, soy products, and dairy products. Eat seasonal fruits in moderation.


Regulate your state of mind and avoid emotional agitation

In autumn and winter, people are often prone to depression, anxiety, depression, and then palpitation, dreams, insomnia, and blood pressure changes. Therefore, pay attention to keep your mood comfortable and avoid major emotional fluctuations as much as possible.


Quit smoking and limit alcohol

Smoking and alcohol consumption are important risk factors for cerebrovascular disease. Smokers should quit smoking and non-smokers should avoid passive smoking. Drinkers should reduce their alcohol intake or stop drinking. Adult men should drink no more than 25 grams of alcohol per day and women should not exceed 15 grams.


Follow the doctor’s advice and take medicine regularly

For patients with chronic diseases such as hypertension, hyperlipidemia, and hyperglycemia, it may not be enough to just adjust their lifestyles. Usually, they need to take medicines according to the doctor’s order. The adjustment of medicines must be carried out under the guidance of professional doctors. medicine.


Special reminder: For people who have not experienced stroke, risk factors should be identified early and comprehensive control should be taken, so as to achieve the purpose of preventing stroke (or delaying the age of onset). People who have experienced stroke should take more active measures to avoid disease recurrence. Strengthen nursing care for stroke patients in the disease stage to prevent the disease from worsening.


Recognizing Early Symptoms with “Stroke 120” in Mind

The so-called “treatment” means to quickly identify the occurrence of stroke events and give standardized treatment as soon as possible. A stroke occurs when the blood supply to the brain is completely or partially cut off. Brain cells constantly need oxygen and nutrients, and if the blood supply is not restored in time, the cells begin to die. That’s why we put patients on prompt treatment when stroke symptoms are suspected.

In July 2021, the Chinese Stroke Society officially released the “BE FAST formula” for identifying early symptoms of stroke during the seventh academic annual meeting. “BE FAST” means “to be fast” in Chinese, which reflects the timeliness of stroke treatment; the first five letters correspond to a warning symptom of stroke, and the last letter is a reminder that once the symptoms of stroke are found, immediately Call an ambulance and seek medical attention immediately.

B ” – Balance refers to balance, loss of balance or coordination, sudden onset of difficulty walking;

E ” – Eyes refers to eyes, sudden changes in vision, difficulty seeing;

F ” – Face refers to the face, the face is asymmetrical, and the corners of the mouth are skewed;

A ” – Arms refers to the arms, a sudden feeling of weakness or numbness in the arm, usually on one side of the body;

S ” – Speech refers to language, speech is vague and cannot understand other people’s language;

T ” – Time refers to the time. The above symptoms indicate a possible stroke. Do not wait for the symptoms to disappear on their own. Immediately call 120 for medical assistance.

Professor Zhao Yongbo reminded that if the stroke symptoms can be identified early, the patients will be sent to the (comprehensive) stroke central hospital with the ability to treat stroke patients within 4.5 hours of the onset of the disease. A healthy and good quality of life will also be saved.

People who have a stroke caused by blocked arteries can have the blocked arteries unblocked and drugs that prevent new blood clots from forming.

People who have a stroke caused by bleeding can receive treatment to reduce damage from bleeding in or around the brain; surgery to repair arteries or stop bleeding.

Part of the information comes from Healthy China, Life Times

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