World Stroke Day | Hurry, hurry, hurry, the brain is not enough!

A normal human brain has about

14 billion to 15 billion

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brain cells are able to

millions of deaths

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After a stroke, brain cells do not die instantly, but more and more dead cells over time. According to statistics, nearly 1.9 million brain cells die every minute in stroke patients . It is very likely that just a few minutes of hesitation will lead to the death of the language center, making people unable to speak, and possibly causing motor nerve damage, making people unable to function normally.


treatment of stroke


“is the key

Recently, 67-year-old Mr. Sun suddenly couldn’t move his right limb when he was at home, and there was no relief after an hour. The family immediately sent Mr. Sun to the emergency department of Shangqiu Municipal Hospital.

After Mr. Sun arrived at the emergency room, the emergency department judged the suspected stroke patients, immediately opened the “stroke green channel”, and immediately arranged and improved the head CT examination and related examinations. According to the examination results, the team of the stroke center showed no bleeding, NIHSS score: 4 points, there were indications for thrombolysis, and no contraindications to thrombolysis.

After thrombolysis, Mr. Sun’s speech was slurred and his right limb weakness improved.

Due to timely detection, timely medical treatment, and timely treatment, Mr. Sun recovered completely from physical weakness and lack of clarity of speech after treatment. No symptoms of stroke and hemiplegia were left, and he has been discharged from the hospital safely.

October 29, 2022 is the 17th “World Stroke Day”, the theme is “Recognize stroke one second earlier, save the brain and recover well”. How to quickly identify a stroke?

Remember the ” BEFAST ” Judgment

 #Fang Yan , a well-known expert in neurology, reminded

A stroke can instantly turn a healthy person into a disabled person and destroy a happy family. In a sense, intravenous thrombolysis and thrombectomy for suitable patients is a chance for the patient and his family to be reborn.

Once there are signs of suspected stroke (remember the “BEFAST” judgment method), go to a hospital with comprehensive stroke treatment capabilities as soon as possible.

“B” means balance, loss of balance or coordination, sudden onset of difficulty walking;

“E” means Eyes, sudden changes in vision, difficulty seeing;

“F” refers to the face (Face), the face is asymmetrical, and the corners of the mouth are skewed;

“A” refers to the arm (Arms), a sudden weakness or numbness in the arm, usually on one side of the body;

“S” refers to speech, which is slurred and unable to understand other people’s language;

“T” refers to the time (Time), the above symptoms suggest that a stroke may occur, do not wait for the symptoms to disappear on their own, and immediately call “120” for medical assistance.

unlike most diseases

The time window for intravenous thrombolysis is only 4.5 hours

The longest time window for thrombectomy is only 24 hours.

For other diseases, you can go to other hospitals to find other doctors for treatment, and most patients have only one chance to go to the doctor for thrombolysis and thrombectomy.

Therefore, stroke treatment must be as soon as possible !

Source: Shangqiu Municipal Hospital