World Preliminary 5th Window Schedule Chinese Men’s Basketball Team will play Iran on November 11

  Beijing time on October 19th news, FIBA ​​announced the 2023 Men’s Basketball World Cup Asia region fifth window game time, the specific schedule of the Chinese men’s basketball team is as follows (all in Beijing time):

  November 11th 21:30 Iran vs China

  November 15th 00:00 Bahrain vs China

  At present, there have been four rounds of competitions in the new CBA season. According to the previous plan, a total of nine rounds of competitions will be arranged in the first stage, and the ninth round will end on October 30.

  Subsequently, the Chinese men’s basketball team will regroup the two games in the fifth window of the World Preliminaries. The second phase of the CBA is planned to start on December 1. According to the changes in the epidemic prevention and control situation and the guidance of the higher authorities, active preparations will be made for the league to resume home and away games.

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