World of Warcraft: WLK wants to pack orange slices, why can’t I find a pit? because you ignored the captain

Now the supply of orange slices of the World of Warcraft WLK nostalgic server is in short supply. Why many teams don’t continue to auction, but give it to others? I believe many friends are very puzzled by this. A friend of the editor of several CDs recently wants to pack orange slices, but every time I ask the group leader, he always packs them out, and even has arrangements for the next CD. It is really the group leader’s relatives and friends who took orange slices. Now the price of the package is around 3K to 5K. Wouldn’t it be good for everyone to re-shoot? My friend said bluntly that there is no problem with paying 1W, but now any team can’t get it. The auction price is high. Those who work Zai is also happy.

Seeing this, I believe that many friends disagree with this view. After all, the popularity of orange slices has not been high before. After all, it takes a long time to make this orange weapon. The time and financial resources wasted are huge, and most players don’t want to do it. But the situation is different now. The price of gold coins has depreciated very much. It is normal for any player to have tens of thousands of G in their hands. Therefore, it is easy for these ordinary players to make an orange weapon. At least it is not that difficult.

In line with the right to have no right to speak without investigation, the editor conducted a survey yesterday and shouted for an afternoon. In the first two hours, he shouted 8K packets, but none of the team leaders responded, and privately chatted with those team leaders. , Even if it is 10,000 G, few team leaders want to communicate. In fact, the facts are like this. One of the group leaders admitted that X+Y received wallet cards, which means very obvious. X is the money of the large group, and Y is naturally the red envelope of the group leader. The main reason is that the price of the red envelope is not high. Low.

The head of the group said that the money he received was not as high as the editor gave, but the people were formed in advance, and they had already occupied the pit, so they couldn’t kick people casually, and they could cooperate when they had the opportunity in the future. The following editor will summarize for you, now H packs, in the first case, it is either a regular family member in the WX group, or a relative or friend of the head of the group. Of course, it does not necessarily mean that the relationship is so good, but the acquaintance can speak for itself. , always sure, the price is about 70% and you can get orange slices. The second is that in most cases, it is enough to give the group leader a red envelope alone.

It can only be said that some players are still too young, and if they want to pack orange slices, wouldn’t it be the best result to go to the ordinary team 4K to give the big group. I saw such a thing in the forum before, a certain team leader gave the price of 2K orange slices to strangers, but the player must give the team leader 1K thank you fee, but the team leader refused to accept it, the team leader What I think is that if you do a good deed, but if you take money, it may not be a good deed, and your character will not be guaranteed. In fact, how many such conscientious leaders are there in nostalgic clothes? What do you guys think about this, you can comment in the message area.