World of Warcraft: WLK version T is simple, many players have started to play this position, it is difficult to do

World of Warcraft WLK version of the tank is much easier to play, Blizzard added a lot of hatred to a lot of Ts in order to allow novices to be competent in this position, so it is also a very simple thing to play T well in WLK, however, In the 60 and 70 versions, it will not work. If you want to play a T position well, you have to follow the raid book honestly when you open up the wasteland. You must not only be familiar with BOSS skills, but also know where to stand at which stage. , For Mengxin, it is a big challenge to play T.

This version of T is really simple. Many players choose to play T. There are also many Ts in the 5H dungeon who don’t know what to do all day long. They are basically mysterious operations, such as certain anti-riding skills. Go to the face to open the monster, and then the mobs kill the healing and output, and the anti-riding does not turn back. Some anti-riding is even more outrageous. When playing the book, it lacks blue and directly hangs the holy seal of wisdom. This is very embarrassing. Now the three talents of the knight basically cannot use this holy seal.

It seems that milk riding can be used. When combined with the Glyph release skill, it can save 5% of mana. However, it is very outrageous to use this holy seal for anti-riding. Generally, the anti-riding with this holy seal will definitely not use the sacred request, nor Knowing what skill liquidation is, there are two taunts for anti-riding, and it will not be used. There is also the anti-riding for the king. I don’t know how to give it to a group of mobs. The holy wrath is also deducted by these anti-riding. When I was leveling before, I also saw an anti-riding puller. Strange has been reading Exorcism.

There are still a lot of DKT problems that are also very big. There is no spiritual strike in the whole dungeon. I don’t know how to restore blood to myself, and even if I don’t know the ability to restore blood, I will encounter hatred, shadow strike, blood boil and wither. You communicate with him and tell him what skills to put on. They don’t even reply, they don’t even look at the amount of healing mana, and even the output is only in the early 1K.

There is even a deep ice DKT. When you enter the rocket boots, you can pull a few waves of mobs. After you are finished, you will continue to drive. With the inscription of annihilation and withering, the whole process depends on the treatment. The output is indeed higher than the blood DKT, but it has no meaning at all. , it’s useless, and it can’t compare with the Necropolis talent. Ice touch hatred is really high, but the hatred that is higher is not profitable. Now any T generally won’t let OT output. It should be developed with higher output and harder candor. What do you guys think about this? , you can comment in the message area.