World of Warcraft: WLK ten-man achievement team out

World of Warcraft WLK nostalgic clothing equipment allocation problem, in fact, has long been a conclusion, the five-player dungeons are dropped and tied, everyone generally needs all, whoever gets it counts, after all, this is equipment that can be traded at the auction house, if If it is really assigned to a certain person, it is everyone who has a high probability of being lost. For example, if it is an anti-riding equipment, everyone has given it to anti-riding, then this anti-riding equipment is sold at the auction house, or it is equipped by yourself, everyone must not know, generally it is the default equipment, if sold, then four Teammates are like idiots.

Recently, I saw a post owner on the forum asking whether all the equipment should be needed? The post owner is not participating in the five-person dungeon, but a ten-person achievement team. In order to facilitate the group play, all equipment is based on talent requirements. The head of the group brought 7 of his own friends, and 2 savages, one of the two savages, one milk rider, and one Elemental Sa. In the NAXX group book, the leader said that the equipment will not be changed after picking up the equipment, and everyone should just come to R according to the talent needs.

There was no dispute about the drop requirements of some BOSS equipment in the past, but when the blue dragon dropped the physical equipment ring, the master, the priest, and the mage player directly gave up the demand and became greedy. The remaining seven players are all in need, namely thieves, DK, disciplinary riding, Xiaode, anti-riding, and element Sa and milk riding. Finally, the equipment was in the hands of the milk rider. The head of the team told the milk rider at this time that this equipment is not suitable for you as a healer.

At the beginning, it was said that equipment is required according to talent. The head of the regiment said that the milk rider really needs to equip it. If it is not equipped, everyone will sell it and divide it into G. The milk rider is not equipped, nor does it plan to sell it for everyone to score G. The owner of the post described that Nii Qi also needed 7 pieces of equipment in NAXX, and the owner of the post was also the head of a small group. The milk rider directly said that your small group has not challenged yourself. As a result, after the whole thing came out, the milk rider quit the team directly.

In fact, this incident is also very obvious. It is a problem of imbalance in the head of the regiment. The owner of the post just doesn’t understand how to divide the equipment and binding of R equipment. If the milk rider does not arrive, there is a high probability that the team where the post owner is located will not share the milk rider G, and there is a high probability that nothing happens. This is the same as in the five-player dungeon. Everyone must have the right to install the equipment that is bound. Of course, it is also possible to sell them together for G points. What do you guys think about this, you can comment in the comments section.