World of Warcraft: WLK players change color when they mention Ulduar, but the difficulty is not that high

Since the opening of the World of Warcraft WLK version, whether it is in the game or in the forum, everyone feels that it is difficult to mention Ulduar as a group. Many players are exaggerating the difficulty of this group. I don’t know why. Just based on your current operations, you still want to fight Ulduar, and you don’t know when you will be in prison. The current raid in the P1 stage is very simple. This is a well-known thing. Many players may have memory errors. The raid of Ulduar is actually not that difficult. The reason for this phenomenon is actually very simple. The opening time of the national server was indeed a bit late. Ulduar soon became TOC after that. At that time, many players did not participate in the wastelanding of Ulduar.

So many people think that this raid is very difficult because of rumors. Old players who have played this raid in the past should know that the raid of Ulduar is actually not that difficult, but the equipment drops and the income are low , and everyone does not want to play. That’s it. Of course, Ulduar is indeed more difficult than Naxxramas in the current P1 stage, but now I am playing the 3.3 version of the nostalgic server. Although the level of players is uneven, various plug-ins and various strategies are now available everywhere, no matter what. Whether it’s pictures or videos, it’s ridiculous.

The situation back then can’t be compared to the current situation, just look at the WCL’s output occupation rankings, and many bosses thought it was very difficult back then, but looking at the hardware bosses, it’s not a problem at all. The number of Masi BOSS is similar, you must know that NAXX is a free gift.

Although Ulduar is a little more difficult, it must be a flat push in front of everyone. The editor predicts here that the speed of ordinary teams to clear Ulduar should be similar to the speed of the 60 version of NAXX, and it can be done in two to three hours. The only difficulty with Ulduar may be that the raid is too long and there are a lot of mobs, which will waste a lot of time.

In fact, in the final analysis, the game atmosphere has changed. There used to be seven bosses in the time of one CD. The head of the team would say come on, brothers, and fight for two more games in the next CD. What is the current atmosphere? If a CD can’t pass, some players will say, WOW will be cold after the end. In the past, the Little Red Dragon Card scattered countless teams and could pass TQA all the way. There were only a few NAXX guilds, but everyone was playing, and it didn’t affect the entertainment of countless teams. How is this going? What do you guys think about this, you can comment in the comments section.