World of Warcraft: WLK players are all classic machines? Official server players open taunt mode

There are still a lot of players in the WLK nostalgic server of World of Warcraft. Although the official server has some new game content, there are fewer and fewer players. Although they are all playing a game, they are now playing the official server and the nostalgic server. Players It’s two groups of people , and they don’t look down on each other. Players who play the classic server are better, because most of these people also play the official server, so the prejudice is not so deep, but the players who only play the official server, do not Few people think narrowly. I saw a post on the forum recently, and it really made me laugh. Of course, many nostalgic server players also saw a direct cerebral hemorrhage.

Everyone is playing a game, so why be so tit for tat. The most funny thing is this sentence: “Players who play nostalgic servers use classic computers, and they can’t even bring Fantasy Westward Journey.” What tinted glasses, actually output such astonishing words, offending two groups of people at once.

In fact, according to the actual situation, the friends who play both the official server and the nostalgic server also know that some mechanisms in the official server are indeed much better than those in the nostalgic server, and there are not so many players who rob monsters in field missions, and they don’t even need to team up. The team can be together, but the nostalgic server is not like this, the mission monster must form a team.

The dungeon is also very simple, it is basically picked up by occupation, and there is no need for all things. Now this matter is really serious in WLK, especially all need anti-riding, need anti-equipment, milk equipment, punishment equipment, I have seen a lot of players, such players are really very strange, can they play in the three series? A maximum of two talents, in fact, is enough. It is said that the threshold for the official server is relatively high, and generally newbies can’t play, which is also true.

But now the WLK version is also like this. For Mengxin, when the level is full, they don’t know what to do by themselves. They can only let others take you. If you enter a serious guild, you can really continue to play. If you are still a lone wolf, you will definitely give up after a while. The nostalgic server players are indeed a bit more savvy, but there is a reason for that. Everyone has a job. The game time is only two hours a day. What do you want? It’s very good to be able to play the game. Not so outrageous either. What do you guys think about this, you can comment in the comments section.