World of Warcraft: WLK Paladin is the occupation with the most players, and the unemployment rate of punishment and anti-riding is very high

Which professional number is the highest in World of Warcraft WLK version? Some players may say that it is DK. DK is indeed a popular occupation, but now the No. 1 population of the nostalgic server is actually Paladin . DK can play at most two types of talents, and it is still difficult to enter the group. Although the output of DK is DPS Not bad, but there are only so many melee positions, and there is a lot of competition among different professions. A team can have at most two output DKs.

DKT is also very strong, but whether in a 10-player team or a 25-player team, DKT has only one position. As a DKT, if you want to enter the group, you must make a PY deal with the leader, or find a fixed team. If you want to join the jungle group DKT, it is very difficult. Then WLK’s most populous professional Paladin, this profession can be used in all three categories, and it is very comprehensive, and it is also good as an output.

As a healer, the Paladin is considered a top-notch existence, and the rest of the healers can’t be compared at all. In a team, there is no milk rider leader who dare not start a team. Then there is the anti-riding, which is not weak in this version, because of the existence of Brother Chun, the anti-riding is also extremely stable in the copy. But it is very embarrassing in the group, the P1 stage is really very good in the 5H dungeon, although there are many anti-riding players, but as long as you open the group yourself, it is not a big problem to successfully play an all-pass 5H.

However, this is not the case for the group. The 25-person group only needs three T, and the 10-person group only needs two T. Although there are anti-riding positions, but there are so many positions, there will definitely be many anti-riding unemployment. . The reason is also extremely simple, because there are too many anti-riding players, and there are a lot of ribs anti-riding. I want to wait for the equipment to graduate and go to the dungeon to bring people to upgrade. But in the current state of the nostalgic server, everyone should understand that although there are queues every day, there are not many players who upgrade the dungeon.

Of course, the smarter players have gone to the battlefield to upgrade. WY must also be suspected of hyping the game’s popularity. The current number of players in WLK is actually still those people. The employment of milk riding is actually very simple. After all, there are not many players who like to play therapy. It is recommended that if you want to play anti-riding, you can double repair milk riding and punishment, which can increase the chance of entry, and the team’s fault tolerance rate will be higher. For example, in NAXX Ice Dragon, only one T position is needed, and the other two Ts switch talents, and the efficiency will be faster. What do you guys think about this, you can comment in the comments section.