World of Warcraft: WLK nostalgic server P2 stage stratification will begin, P3 is simple but more serious

Before the WLK version of World of Warcraft was released, many players thought that the assessment at this stage was the same for all professions, but now the version has been opened for three CDs, and the WLK gold group assessment is indeed very uncomfortable. The gap between professions and professions at this stage is abnormal. Great, I believe you all feel it. I just saw a picture in the group, 10 people and 3 books, and it took more than two hours to finish the game. The result is very surprising. An 89-point 204-level enhancer sabotaged a 60-point Austrian method against the evil DK. It was almost impossible to reach 70% of the line, and a 57-point survival hunt barely reached 60%.

Everyone knows these occupations. In the P1 stage, they are basically considered to be in the ranks of T1. At least the strength is unquestionable. As for other occupations, the dark animal husbandry at the T2 level did not even reach 55% of the standard, and the punishment rider at the T3 level did not even reach 45%. are not enough. In addition, according to the enhancement players in the team, it is impossible to keep up with 70% of other people’s 70% if they encounter a high-level player with a 99-point equipment level. The damage is not up to standard.

This is still under the gap that cannot be opened by the equipment level in the P1 stage. When the equipment level in the P3 stage opens the gap, the damage of many occupations may be impossible to see at all. It seems that the gold group of the percentage assessment in the future cannot be arbitrarily entered, otherwise It’s just working hard for a while, and you don’t even have a salary. The main reason is that you don’t paddle, and people are hurting a lot.

If you want the output to reach the standard, it depends on the mood of the 99-point big player. If you are in a bad mood and don’t want to release water, just hit it casually, and 80% of the output will not be divided into G. Everyone should cherish the P1 stage now. At this time, leveling is the main focus. Now as long as the equipment meets the standard, any player can join the group. No matter how good or bad the game is, there is not much difference between everyone. The only difference is the difficulty of entering the group. That’s it. After the opening of the P2 stage, those players who want to challenge the group with high difficulty will definitely start to form a group.

Although the P3 stage is also a lunch box, those high-level players definitely don’t want to play with the stinky chess basket, because they have already held a team. The TOC is really simple, but it is necessary to play four CDs at a time. If you don’t find those efficient teams, there is no way to play. It’s the same as now. Generally, 10-player NAXX in a normal team can be played in three hours, or even longer. However, a few regular members of others have played in three hours and several books. Everyone knows how to choose. . What do you guys think about this, you can comment in the comments section.