World of Warcraft: WLK nostalgic DK needs agility rings, DK needs all parties, really everywhere

World of Warcraft WLK nostalgic server all-needs party, the number is still very large, I believe everyone hates this kind of players, after all, these players can’t walk when they see purple equipment, as long as they can equip themselves, they will definitely All needed. Now these all-demand players are even more stinky than they used to be. Recently, I saw the self-report of a victim player in the forum. Of course, it may be a misunderstanding. The server of the player is the tribe of Shaltura. Playing the 5H Daksaron Fortress double, when the tail king fell to the ground, a purple ring of agility was dropped.

There is one output DK in the team, and people need it directly. I believe everyone knows what attributes DK generally requires for equipment. Generally, there is no need for agile equipment, but there are very few power rings, at least it is very difficult to get started. , DK players said it was difficult. Posted as an enhancement Sa, drop purple agility directly, it is definitely in demand. The owner of the post saw that DK asked for a demand, and asked, you don’t want to take it even if someone needs it or not?

The DK player said at this time, this equipment can also be used for output DK, and the 5H copy is such a ring, so it is required. DK’s tone was very confident, and he asked the poster to ask his friends if he was like this. Of course, for the poster owner, the more interesting things are still to come. The DKT in the team is also speaking for the DK. The reason is very simple, because the DK can be equipped and used, so there is no problem with the demand.

The post owner was completely disappointed when he saw these conversations. Now these all-need party players are so direct, so shameless? There used to be a lot of all-needs parties in the WLK version, but they didn’t have so many excuses. The owner of the post felt that he was really disgusted by this dungeon trip.

In fact, this matter can’t be completely blamed on DK, because there are not many rings that increase power, and it is also a designer’s problem. You can take a look at the 200-level rings with power. There are only two, one is Dalaran, the other is Ten people Sapphiron, there are five rings of agility, plus Halloween there are six, and there is a 213 ring with power. If the price of the Dalaran ring is reduced, no one will bring this ring, so there is no way for DK to need this equipment! What do you guys think about this, you can comment in the comments section.