World of Warcraft: WLK nostalgic clothes, the beginning of the world, newcomers will be more and more difficult

The WLK version of World of Warcraft has begun to become a world of costumes. I believe all old players are very aware that this is not always a good thing for the game. It has become a world of costumes, which means that everything revolves around costumes, etc. to proceed. Perhaps the world of attire and the world of achievements are the root and beginning of the game’s decline. The official server is like this, and a large number of low-level players are eliminated in this way, because there is no way to improve their attire, so they can only give up. At the end of the game, there are only some high-level players left, and they can only play their own games alone, so now that the WLK nostalgic server is open, they are here again.

This is also the beginning of the rampant GZS, because ordinary players want to achieve achievements, such as high-end equipment, it is unrealistic to rely on themselves, and they need to be brought by others. For those GZS, this is also the beginning of the opportunity. If you want to quickly catch up with the large army, you can only ask them to take them, and players who don’t want to find GZS have naturally left the game. If you want to enter the book, you must improve your equipment, which is also the beginning of the disaster for the bottom players.

So starting from the WLK version, asking about the equipment level and achievements before entering the group book is also a bad start. For casual players, there is not so much time for the game, so the equipment level and achievements will naturally lag behind. . Later versions are more cruel to casual players. At the end of the official server, only Gao Wan and some studios are left. Of course, these Gao Wan are not the kind of players that are very good, but they have more game time and are more liver than casual players. .

At this time, some friends may refute. After finishing the 5H dungeon, the equipment will have almost 200 equipment. Is it for casual players, can’t even prepare for these? It is necessary to play a group book and prepare in advance, and there is no requirement for the 5H copy.

Preparation must be done, but with the continuous opening of the version, the requirements of the same group book will gradually increase. For example, the NAXX in the early P1 stage requires only 200 items to enter the book. Generally, 5H graduation is enough, but in the future everyone will To improve, it will naturally require players with 215 or 245 plus to join NAXX to work, or they can only be the boss to get equipment. Of course, this is just an example, the actual situation of the year is also the same. It is self-evident how difficult it is for newcomers. What do you guys think about this, you can comment in the comments section.