World of Warcraft: WLK Milk Sa’s own dishes, cross-armor needs cloth armor, and plausible

World of Warcraft WLK nostalgic server needs equipment in the 5-player H-book cross-armor. I believe many players have encountered it. These players don’t care about the rules at all. Pointing and pointing, I have to say that such players are really orphans. Recently, I saw a player’s experience in the forum. When I was in H Lightning, I met a milk samurai. The milk samurai is not low in strength in this version. After all, it is bloodthirsty. H Lightning can’t heal the whole process, and needs Bird’s help to increase blood, and the chicken feathers in one place finally reached the tail king.

The Nisha players can’t even run. The first one was killed immediately. After the two kills, the players in the team were helpless and could only continue to teach Nisha how to play. The third time the opening game was not immediately violent. Killed, but after playing for a while, when the BOSS’s HP was still half left, Nisha died suddenly again. Bird Germany players are very helpless, they can only stop their output and bring blood to the team. In the end, the BOSS was over anyway. Loken dropped the magic power crit cloth armor. After Nisha was rescued, he directly needed the cloth armor.

There is a mage player in the team, and the mage questioned Nasa, this cloth armor should be the output of the priority magic system, and there is no 5-turn attribute. However, the answer is also very tough, so what if there are no 5 rounds, the cloth armor is universal, and there is no problem with my own needs. In the end, although the mage player didn’t say anything, it was useless to say more, the equipment had been demanded, and the mage player was unhappy and had nothing to do. The captain let the door open, but the mage player teleported away by himself.

Everyone can only have their own hearthstones. The whole process of Nisha’s treatment is very good, but Nisha’s cross-armor is not blamed by anyone. One player thinks that before the advent of Armor Mastery, there was no so-called cross-armor. If you don’t like it, you can ask for it casually. There is no problem in requiring equipment without hits. There is no problem with what the player said, but this is only in theory. According to the player’s theory, Naisa and Naiqi joined the 10-man NAXX team R group together. Can Naiqi need healing chain armor equipment at will, Nasa Still not pissed off.

In fact, in the game, everyone is still adhering to the needs of the first occupation. There are French cloth armor occupations, and other occupations are not required qualifications, and they can only be demanded if they do not want them. The editor thinks that the shaman not only plays dishes, but also needs equipment indiscriminately. If you encounter such a player in the future, just block it directly, there is no need to disgust yourself. Even in the official server, there is no version that defaults to casually crossing armor under team assignments. What do you guys think about this, you can comment in the comments section.