World of Warcraft: wlk milk riding needs cloth armor, the legal system can’t speak yet, there is no heaven

In the version of Wrath of the Lich King in World of Warcraft, players’ equipment requirements are messy, especially those players who play Paladins, and even some people are in Sanxiu. In fact, dual talents can’t play, Sanxiu is this What are you going to do, maybe it’s to equip the five-person H Benmao. Recently I saw a very interesting post on the forum. The owner of the post is a mage. When he was typing the book, he was asked to take away a piece of cloth armor equipment.

Let me tell you the process of what happened. The owner of the post is a mage, and he wanted to improve himself, so he joined a spider team. When the second boss dropped a spider egg robe, the owner of the post thought that this piece of equipment must be his own, with 60 stamina. 61 intelligence, 62 speed, 73 magic power. The attributes are also very good, and there are two slots. The post owner is in urgent need of improving himself.

I originally thought that this equipment must be my own, but after I requested it, I didn’t expect the equipment to be in the hands of the milk rider. When this happened, the post owner was very angry and planned to quit the team directly. But considering that the fake king boss will drop the bracer, he continues to fight. Anyway, it is a blue equipment, and there will be more in the future. Of course, the owner of the sticker didn’t want to endure the furry equipment, so he said casually, do you need all milk riding? There were mages in the team who didn’t even ask, but I didn’t expect the milk rider player to quit the team directly. In fact, I have to say that this piece of equipment is really very suitable for milk riding, but most milk riding players should not directly demand it. Even if they want, they will ask about the cloth armor in the team. If they need it, they will definitely I won’t hit R.

My equipment is very poor, and sometimes I do choose to get some equipment that my teammates don’t want. This milk riding player’s approach is definitely wrong. To put it bluntly, this kind of thing is a matter of character. The five-player dungeon r equipment does not cost money, so it will be unscrupulous. Take the tbc version of Taiyangjing as an example, the milk riding graduation breastplate is actually the robe of Yangyan, but a few players will buy it, in the final analysis because it is too expensive.

The current situation is like this. The five people have encountered some players with poor quality, and there is no way to mess with their equipment. When forming a team, you can try to form some friends you know, or try to say it in advance when forming a team, so as to avoid If there is an accident, what are your thoughts on this, you can comment in the comment area.