World of Warcraft: WLK is now full of rotten trends, and most teams in the P2 stage will be finished

Now the ethos of the WLK version of World of Warcraft is indeed a bit outrageous. If it continues like this, there may be very few players in the Ulduar version. The first is the rotten style, and it is very obvious now. The entire WLK version is this style from top to bottom. It can be said that it has reached the extreme now. The battlefield is ruined, the team is ruined, the upgrade is ruined, and everything is ruined. In the past, there were a few serious players who studied the gameplay in the game, but now everyone is studying how to make it more perfect, and even a player who studies the strategy is rare.

Now I have tens of thousands of Gs on me, how can I become the boss of Ulduar? And so on is the idea. There are no players who want to open up wasteland, and they all say that wasteland development is very tiring. The editor was in a team recently, and it was originally estimated that the three dragons would be played. However, after only 40 minutes of land reclamation, there were 2 waves of people running. It is obvious that everyone has no patience. Of course, some players may really not allow time. . When talking about the difficulty and length of Ulduar in the guild, a large group of people jumped out and said, wait for Blizzard to cut it, if it is so difficult, few people will continue to play.

Or AFK directly, and come back after the TOC opens. Playing games is indeed entertainment, but there are also many players who are willing to be serious, but the current atmosphere also makes the game very uncomfortable for those players who are willing to be serious. When a fixed team is playing in a group, the personnel are not fixed at all. You have no idea who will come to play the book. After 25 people finally got together, they started to play the book, and some people started jumping at every turn.

Of course, after the boss fight, this matter will indeed decrease. Anyway, the current players are all kinds of absent-minded, but when the equipment is divided, all of them run over, and they become very active at this time. If there is a problem with the group, they will not reflect at all. Basically, they are in the mud. Because the CD is locked, there is no way to replace them. When they say the assessment, their hearts are immediately dissipated.

It may really be that the times have changed, and now most players don’t like to move around for a few hours. Now is the P1 stage of the WLK nostalgic server. The team book is indeed casual, and it is no problem to bring a few paddles. However, in the P2 stage, the difficulty of the team book has increased, and prisons must be everywhere. The P1 stage is for everyone to find a team, P2 This is the beginning of stratification. Therefore, it is recommended that you try to find a like-minded team at this stage, so that you can play more comfortably. What do you guys think about this, you can comment in the comments section.