World of Warcraft: WLK is currently the most expensive class in the group set, and DK is on the list again

World of Warcraft WLK nostalgic server, the ten-player team NAXX is actually a bit difficult to play. Compared with the 25-player team, it is still not easy to play. The reason is very simple. If there is no problem, everyone should work hard. Simple bosses are definitely flat pushes, but this is not the case in ten people. As long as there is one output stroke, it will be very difficult to fight. I believe you little friends They are all deeply experienced. Of course, the advantage of the 10-player group book is that the equipment is cheap. I saw that there are sets of stones starting at 500G, but there are also those starting at 100G, of course, there are more of the latter.

After all, for most players, there is no plan to earn much salary in the ten-person group book, everyone is playing the book for equipment. The first CD For most teams, basically all equipment can be easily sold, because everyone’s first CD is to upgrade equipment. Although it is a 200-level purple equipment, many equipment attributes are very strong. high. However, there are also some teams that can’t sell a lot of equipment, and the reason is very simple, because the configuration of these teams is unreasonable.

Either there is no group to the mail output, or there is no group to the mail treatment, or the leather armor output, leather armor treatment and other occupations. The 10-player NAXX I played in the first CD of the editor, all the equipment was basically sold, and none of them were rotten. Of course, except for the head of the group, there is no major problem. The teammates saw the equipment, as long as there is an improvement Basically, you will start with it. After all, the price of all equipment starts at 100. Even if the equipment is not upgraded, after purchasing the purple equipment, the abyss crystal will have at least 100G.

Let’s talk about the price of the various professional equipment in the group . The most fierce competition for the 10-player is the riding and animal husbandry suit , because the configuration must have an anti-riding, a milk riding, and the remaining healer is very likely to be a priest. The second is the legal equipment. The competition of thieves, French and German suits is actually average, because many team leaders play T by themselves, or play plate armor output, and they will not form so many plate armors into the group, and they will not even form DK.

The most fierce competition for this equipment in a 25-player group is naturally the thief Fade DK suit . A T7 with a 213-equipment and tens of thousands of gigabytes is a normal phenomenon. Friends who play DK must be willing to spend money to get equipment, otherwise they want to To start the equipment, you have to wait until the end of the version. After all, it is considered to be early to buy and enjoy, followed by riding and animal husbandry. The competition is also fierce, but it is definitely not as outrageous as the thief, French and German DK. What do you guys think about this, you can comment in the comments section.