World of Warcraft: WLK high-level equipment R low-level equipment is really wrong, but the ending is unexpected

World of Warcraft’s Wrath of the Lich King H5 copy still has a lot of good equipment, after all, the difficulty of the P1 stage is very low, as long as the equipment is enough to 195, all the raids can be played casually, and it is also a piece of equipment. It’s a very simple thing, but generally when playing these dungeons, it is easy to encounter players with random needs, and I believe many players are suffering from it. The editor was also one of the victims. Recently, I saw a small German player in the forum operating in the magic ring. It is really very strange. The small German entered the group is a milk German. The equipment is blue, but the T in the team has no demand, just greed.

The equipment was finally obtained by the warlock player in the team. The small German player planned to collect his own defense equipment and plan to go to the tiger alone, so he chatted with the warlock privately and planned to buy the defense ring for 10G. After all, it is a blue equipment, even if The decomposition is only 10G at most, and the price is not yet available in the store. The warlock player is indeed not an enchantress. After Xiaode chatted with the warlock privately, the warlock never replied.

Xiaode waited for a long time, no matter what the warlock said about the price, it was all right, but the warlock player never responded. But the copy has been going on, people don’t speak, Xiaode can’t do anything. At the end of the boss, Xiaode still didn’t wait for a reply, and then the tail king dropped the dragon man’s staff. This equipment is a pre-graduation equipment for the law system and healing. Although many players think it is healing, after all, the spirit has increased. There are many, but the output of the legal system also requires spirit. After all, if the spirit is high, you can also increase the crit.

In the team, both the warlock and the mage asked for their needs. Xiaode looked at the equipment of the warlock and the mage. They were basically the same. The weapons were all 200-level blue equipment. Still ordered the demand, and finally won. Xiaode R arrived at the staff, not to sell or disassemble it, and then directly traded the staff to the mage player. The mage player may not understand at the end why Xiaode would help himself with the R staff.

There may be some friends who think that this equipment is not suitable for Nade, but this weapon is indeed suitable for treatment. Of course, high equipment and R low equipment are also not suitable, but Xiaode is not for his own use, and this cannot be said to be true. Xiaode was wrong. Although Xiaode did something wrong, people do have the right to demand. What do you guys think about this, you can comment in the comments section.