World of Warcraft: There is a reason why WLK would rather the equipment rot than reduce the price

Now the equipment of World of Warcraft WLK nostalgic server NAXX has also begun to rot. Of course, many teams do not buy it because of the high price of equipment. I remember that the editor was the first team to play NAXX. The price of equipment started at 2000G. Many players disagreed. They thought that the price of equipment was too high. There was no way. , According to reason, the price of the first CD can not be considered expensive. But now I found that many teams, the head of the team would rather have their equipment rotten in the end than sell it at a reduced price.

There must be players who think this way. The equipment sold at low prices is divided equally, and the leader can’t get a few dollars. It is better for the leader to decompose the abyss crystal by himself. One piece of equipment is 100G. In fact, not only this reason, there are many other reasons, or these head hairs were given to their relatives and friends, or sold to other players privately . In fact, it is very simple to avoid this kind of thing from happening. All equipment starts at 100G, which will definitely A friend came to pick it up. This is why there is no gold group with a starting price of 100g, because this prevents the group leader from eating ribs.

Of course, sometimes the equipment can’t be completely blamed without the price reduction. I believe that many players have the same idea as the editor. When many players buy equipment, is it really that one or two hundred G’s worse? Now, all the equipment of 25-player NAXX starts at 500. After the head of the team posted the equipment, many of the equipment was not required. Then some players said, can someone give me 300G if no one wants the equipment? Take it for double cultivation, cross-talent, collection, etc. for various reasons and excuses.

These players are also really embarrassed. It’s really only about 200G. If you are really afraid of the head of the team, then you can directly bid for 500G. What can you do with more 200G, that is, two daily tasks. Of course, everyone knows that the original low price of all equipment is 500G, and it is indeed very profitable to take away 300G, but some team leaders also hate this kind of thing, and would rather destroy it than sell it.

Xiao Bian has a personal experience, also in NAXX, no one wants to buy a war hunting samurai suit starting at 1000. A Xiaode said that since no one wants 300G for me, guess what Xiaode bought it for, anyway, is the editor? Those who support it, set the rules, and then make changes later, whether it is the support of the team leader or the support of the team members, it is not in compliance with the rules. It takes a lot more to lead a group than a general group player. In fact, whether the leader of the group will remove the crystal for the broken equipment, or give it away, everyone will just give it a shot. .What do you guys think about this, you can comment in the message area.