World of Warcraft: The WLK version of Bear T is not weak, why has it been disliked by players?

In the WLK version of World of Warcraft, the three T’s are actually very strong. Anti-riding is also the main T in this version. It is impossible to have no anti-riding in a team. Because of the existence of Brother Chun, the hardness of anti-riding has risen by a level. DKT The advantage is that the individual hatred is very high, the hardness is also good, and the hand card is more than the anti-riding. But in this version, the review of Bear T has always been very bad . I believe many friends do not know the reason. Recently, I saw a post on the forum. The owner of the post is a Bear T player. The same service, sweeping all the way to the end, more than a dozen OTs have not been OT when gathering monsters, I feel that the bears are not that bad.

So I argue with others in the forum every day, I bear T40% crit 500 plus AP group pull is very stable, generally it is impossible to want OT, unless the warlock starts to transform. However, the main player played a trumpet with a bear T, because the main player has just reached the full level, the equipment on his body is basically SW, and the small equipment is very general, so he plans to double the magic pivot to improve himself, it is best to be Take a staff.

Then I called a discipline animal husband in the guild, and I played with a physical output. In the end, I still didn’t call the T position, so I called a bear T at the gathering stone. Xiong T was waiting for 198. The owner took a casual look and thought that there would be no problem. With such a good equipment, the current H book must have sparks and lightning all the way. After the fight, it is found that something is wrong. If there are more than three monsters, the DK and thieves in the team will automatically become deputy T.

Every time after a wave of monsters is defeated, the bear will go to the second wave. After a few waves, the DK players are anxious. After the first boss is finished, the remaining mobs have two rounds. Help Bear T. It was pulled back once, but the hatred was very unstable. At this time, DK and thieves became 2T and 3T. The thief couldn’t take it anymore. After opening the dodge, he disappeared and started OB.

DK was caught in the fire and had no way to finally drink the hatred. One magic pivot lasted for half an hour, and there were few magic ring monsters left, but several robots were also jumping around. The owner was very curious, why the bear T couldn’t hold the hatred. , I took a closer look at the equipment and found that Bear T spider silk essence, processed stamina accessories, and whole body enchanted gems are also stamina. The post owner also understands why Bear T has been hacked on the forum, and it is not without reason. What do you guys think about this, you can comment in the comments section.