World of Warcraft: The WLK Halloween event started, and the operation of milk riding caused dissatisfaction among teammates

World of Warcraft has opened for Halloween in the last few days. This festival is really good for trumpet promotion. The two magic rings can be used for both healing and magic. Of course, when you need equipment, you should score the magic and healing rings. Yes, after all, if the players in the team all need it, it’s a bit too messy. The most popular thing on Halloween is the mount. After all, everyone knows the value of a headless mount. Whether it is a collector who is addicted to the game, or an ordinary player, they all want to start with this mount. It is indeed very handsome.

Now the editor of the festival team has discovered a very strange phenomenon, that is, it is very difficult for milk riders to enter the group. It can be said that it is very difficult for knights to enter the group. That’s right, the player who needs to ride all has ruined the reputation of the knight. The editor also saw a player’s revelation on the forum. The player is a physical occupation, a hunter. After the Halloween event started, he started playing the headless knight on the first day. , There is a milk rider in the team.

Now the popularity of this event is very high. After all, it is really good for the promotion of the trumpet. Several pieces of equipment are the existence of the 213-level equipment of the standard group. The first healing ring is for healing, so it is natural for the cavalry. There is no one in the team to fight with the cavalry. However, the second ring is from the legal system. Yes, it is the ring with the hit. demand. And he was also taken away by Milk Rider R. At this time, some players in the team were unhappy.

After all, it was entered as a healer. The milk rider R hit the ring, so it can’t be said that it was useless. The milk rider can indeed be equipped, but it is indeed a bit unfriendly to the output profession. Then came the third physical ring. At this time, the milk rider actually ordered the demand again. The output profession in the team started to scold at this time. The first two rings can barely be taken, but taking the physical output ring is a bit too much.

The post owner also doesn’t understand that as a milk rider, do you have to cut talent several times a day? In fact, there are many behind the ring. There is no need to grab the output occupation now. Just take the legal system. Everyone can understand that the equipment is not good, but the physical needs are directly required, which is a bit too much. Of course, milk riders may feel that it doesn’t matter, anyway, these things will spoil everyone sooner or later, so they will take it unscrupulously, but the first few CDs are not well equipped, so there is no need to be so anxious. What do you guys think about this, you can comment in the comments section.