World of Warcraft: The most daring copy with the most obscure plot, so far Blizzard dare not fill the hole

Hello everyone, this is a serious game, I’m a little brother who loves to eat melons.

As we all know, the favorite thing for Warcraft designers to do is to dig holes like crazy, and lay all kinds of easter eggs for the follow-up plot. This is to create an epic game experience for players. Not eating books is victory.

Because of this, there are many epic pits in the history of Warcraft that are so big that Blizzard has never dared to fill the pits. For example, the ones we are going to introduce today have the boldest designs and the most obscure plots. A copy of the end of time!

Every life is composed of large and small random events. I wonder if you have ever imagined going back to the past to correct the occurrence of certain events and reverse the occurrence of a tragedy in future time and space?

This is the origin of the copy of the end of time. The eternal dragon king Mnozdor from the future tried to change the results of past events and guide the current timeline to a “better” ending.

It’s a pity that the dragon king from the future did not hesitate to tamper with the fate of heroes such as Thrall, Jaina, Medivh, etc., to promote the finale of the entire Azeroth continent. It is still unacceptable to the foot men living in the present. .

In this deadly pseudo-final plot, after Deathwing launched a cataclysm to destroy the world, he finally broke free from the shackles of the ancient gods and slammed into the spire of Longmian Temple in order to redeem his sins.

The four heroes Bane, Jaina, Sylvanas and Tyrande who survived by chance were even worse. They all fell into self-blame, anger, sadness and other negative emotions, unable to extricate themselves, and became irrational. The violent monster has instead become the guardian used by the Eternal Dragon King to stabilize this “false ending”, experiencing the pain of world destruction day after day.

What makes people incomprehensible is that even if the continent of Azeroth has been tossed to the point of annihilation of all things, from the perspective of the Eternal Dragon King, this is still the most beautiful and bright ending among countless possibilities in the future? !

The magical level of this plot is comparable to that of Doctor Strange in Avengers 4, after calculating 14000605, he grabbed the Infinity Gloves from Thanos’ hands in a serious manner, snapped a bunch of fingers in a row, and killed all life in the universe. And to tell you that this is the only way to win the war is like bullshit.

But what makes people ponder is that, just after we were drinking the mixture and singing songs, we pushed the eternal dragon king who planned all this to the ground, and destroyed the timeline of the end of time, but we can still be in the follow-up version. In the plot, find clues that the hero has degenerated into a violent monster.

For example, Baine often struggles with whether he can inherit the legacy of the old cow, Jaina will fall into extreme emotions of revenge after Theramore is bombed, Sylvanas burns the World Tree, and Tyrande becomes black. Moonlight God of War… These major events that occurred between 5.0 and 9.0 all imply that Azeroth is heading for the worst ending, and what seems to be a correct act of salvation now may become a foreshadowing of world extinction in the future.

The most amazing thing is that at the end of the copy of the end of time, the eternal dragon king Munozdor will reveal the real body of the bronze dragon king Nozdormu, telling everyone that he has seen the real end of time, The tragedy to come is far more cruel and ruthless than this false end of time.

You must know that in the world view of “World of Warcraft”, although it has the design of a parallel universe, the same major events will occur in any time and space, that is to say, the past, present and future of Azeroth are networked The structure distribution, the beginning and the end of all time lines and parallel universes are the same, but the process in the middle is slightly different.

The existence of the Bronze Dragon King should have guarded the timeline of the main universe, and prevented the world from experiencing avoidable natural and man-made disasters like a parallel universe. Minute turned into a villain who disrupted the timeline, and would rather let the continent of Azeroth be destroyed as soon as possible than lead the timeline of the main world to the final chapter.

So the question is, how terrible will the real end of time be? Obviously, for past Blizzard designers, this is the final chapter ending for World of Warcraft that hasn’t been planned yet.

But with the launch of Warcraft 10.0 pilot animation “Legacy of the Dragon”, does Nozdormu’s last line “My story is doomed” indicates that Blizzard now has plans to fill in the time of ten years ago Is there a big hole at the end?

The younger brother has something to say: In fact, in the official novel “The Tomb of the Dragon King”, Thrall once persuaded the bronze dragon king to grasp the present, which is far more precious than living in the future. A complete ending.

Therefore, from a certain point of view, the end of time, which may be discussed again in version 10.0 this time, is a bit like the red dragon queen’s sentence full of slots “the era of giant dragons will start again” will be caught in a dog’s tail. embarrassing situation.

Of course, if Blizzard is really well prepared to compose a story that spans multiple timelines, it may not be without the possibility of recasting the glory of Warcraft.

A serious question : Do you think the future is really unchangeable?