World of Warcraft: The equipment in the first stage of WLK is not important, and it must be replaced in the P2 stage

There are actually a lot of players in the WLK nostalgic server of World of Warcraft. Everyone should have encountered them when they played the team. Those players who have bad equipment, can’t deal damage, and haven’t bought equipment, what are these people? Naturally Obviously, of course, some professions are indeed natural spare ribs professions, and no one grabs the equipment, usually at the reserve price. The current nostalgic server is very different from the previous two versions , and the friends who are still in the game should be able to clearly feel it. Of course, this version is really good to play now, and you can play it in your own way.

If you want to play a group book, go to NAXXX to get the equipment. Now the equipment is also very cheap. There are many teams with a starting price of 500G for a 25-player dungeon. The equipment for a 10 group book is even cheaper. The first CD has all the starting prices of 100G. It’s not impossible for a team to play a team book at this stage. In fact, there is not much to play in a team book in the current P1 stage. Not playing the group book is actually a very good choice. You can play your own games every day, and the upper limit is to brush the brand and do daily things.

At this stage, the brand changed to a purple equipment, and the attributes are actually very good. You can also make a family heirloom for the trumpet. The trumpet can fly freely on the 80 map at level 68. It is very convenient, and the reputation does not need to be brushed by each character. There is basically no problem with a large worship. If you want to get equipment without playing the group book, it is actually very simple. It is not impossible to change the brand to purple equipment and wait for the next stage.

If you don’t play the group book, you will have more free time to play the game. There are not so many things to do online. You can do whatever you want, mix up your daily life, play a 5-player H book, do daily tasks, and play whatever talent you want. , without any restrictions. Of course, players who want to eat pork ribs can still go to the raid, and they can familiarize themselves with the BOSS mechanism after one hit. I believe everyone knows how simple the raid is now.

In fact, there are currently a lot of equipment drops in the group, which is one of the reasons why the equipment is cheap. And the equipment at this stage is not important. If you don’t have your own guild, or add it casually, there is no need to go to the group book for those pieces of equipment. After all, you will have to change it in the next stage. There are not many in the P1 stage. Use P3. What do you guys think about this, you can comment in the comments section.