World of Warcraft players discover other career clues for Longhill on PTR

“World of Warcraft” 10.0 introduced the concept of racially bound occupations for the first time. Longhill Evoker is both a race and a profession, and it is the only combination under the two labels. While players haven’t officially experienced him yet, Warcraft content creator MrGM has found new clues in the PTR files, suggesting that future versions may have other classes for Ronsil.

These clues are a batch of voice files, involving rage, energy and ammo, corresponding to the three professions of warrior, rogue and hunter respectively. Although the long-range ammo setting has been removed, the first two still exist. This batch of documents is not isolated, it corresponds to Longhill’s human form, and the voice is divided into male and female. According to MrGM’s findings, since Longhill has the voice files of warriors and thieves, it is not ruled out that other professions other than Evoker can be chosen in the future.

The evoker is set to be the elite of the Longhill family, but no other professions of Longhill have been officially opened yet. Although the existence of voice files remains a possibility, it is not absolute. For example, in the history of Warcraft, both the Void Elf and the Nightborne once possessed the resources of the Demon Hunter, but in the end they did not make use of them.

The Dragon Hill Evoker is regarded as a major innovation in the history of Warcraft as a whole, especially it also includes two forms of human and dragon. Although players hope to see more professional combinations, that is a later matter.