World of Warcraft: Online Corrections October 28


Season 4 Fate raid achievements were prematurely removed from raid and dungeon categories because they were still obtainable. Now they are visible again.




Fixed some unexpected spells granting stacks of Maelstrom Weapons.



The road to promotion

Fixed an issue where the melee attack of the Frayhide Nightmare would consume the Flakehide armor stack.

Monsters and NPCs

Fixed missing Golden Dragon frames for Elite Enemy and World Boss Name Edition.


Fixed an issue where “Underwater Vault” could not be completed.

You can now communicate with the following NPCs again:

Aruin in the quests “Either Against Us” and “If Reason Doesn’t Make Sense…”.

The engraver in the quest “The Fragile Links”.

Lord Hearn in the quest “An Interview with the Queen”.

Falstad Wildhammer now correctly offers and accepts quests in the “Blood on the Sea” storyline.

User interface and ease of use

Fixed an issue where melee attacks could not be canceled by pressing the ESC key when Motion Aiming was enabled.

When closing edit mode after moving the status bar, the status bar is no longer centered.

Move the action bar after disabling the “Always” show action bar setting, and spells are visible on the action bar again.

The eye icon of the team finder will remain searchable and visible after the UI has been read.

Fixed an issue where the squad frame would be lost in the arena when the team style party frame was enabled.

The material inventory slot has been removed and will return when Age of Dragons goes live.