World of Warcraft nostalgic: WLK trumpet welcomes good news, Ousan festival is open, and the upgrade speed is accelerated

Since the World of Warcraft WLK nostalgic server was opened, leveling may have long since been a thing of the past, but in fact, many players are still in the stage of level 73 to 75. It is difficult to go further, and it is very embarrassing to take a step back to AFK. If you don’t catch up with the previous Arathi battlefield, don’t miss the next Okuyama battlefield festival, even if you rush to the level first, then you can stop playing 5H and group books, and continue to put it on it. Play and play again.

Okuyama Battlefield Festival Upgrade Efficiency

First of all, the Okuyama battlefield grouping has been revised. 61 to 70 is a group, which is the same as the previous TBC, but from 71 to 79 will be divided into another group, and 80 is a separate group. This setting is very good to put an end to the large size. Come to make trouble, those who want to level up can concentrate on leveling up; secondly, the experience in the 71 to 79 group is settled according to the 80-level battlefield, and the upgrade speed is still possible. Here we need to remind everyone that it is a level 70 friend, it is best to upgrade to Level 71, because levels 71 to 79 get a lot more experience than the previous group.

Then the next step is how to fight Okuyama. First, take down the captain first and leave the tower alone; secondly, the higher level should give priority to targeting NPCs, and fight for the survival space for the trumpets in the team, otherwise the NPCs of level 78 to 80 will lose the small ones. All the numbers are cleared; the last is the general’s level. Even a level 83 general will be crushed even by a level 79 player. You need to be careful when burning towers. Don’t attack rashly before the emergency cemetery is ready, everyone must coordinate well.

Heirlooms can add experience

Recently, many friends have asked Brother G what heirlooms are. The so-called heirlooms are equipment that is exchanged for brands. It can be worn by a small size at level 1. As the level increases, you can add green character attributes. The most important point is that you can get extra by percentage. experience. Brother G took a test. Wearing an heirloom and burning a tower can get more than 1W4 experience. If you don’t wear it, you can get 1W3. Then the next step is how to coordinate the alliance and the tribe. I am afraid that someone will not rush into the Biaoying Bureau if they do something. Here, Brother G, I need to mention a few brushes. It’s not enough to lead people to upgrade now, so don’t go into Ousan to bring the rhythm, right? Even if you do things in Okuyama, everyone will not look for brushes to take them with you. The era that belongs to you is gone, so don’t struggle, right?

Equipment issues after max level

After two weeks of fighting, I believe everyone can already see what the rhythm of WLK is. First of all, in terms of equipment acquisition, dozens of pieces of equipment are dropped in a group book, and each person can get more than 2 pieces, with 100 items of various types. There are all kinds of groups, so in the P1 stage of WLK, there is no equipment that can’t be graduated, and even those with fast hands have collected two sets. The most important thing is that WLK’s P1 does not have equipment like TBC’s P1 Dragon’s Back. So for equipment acquisition, you should just get the equipment as you wish. It is conservatively estimated that there will be more than 2 months for P1, and there are still equipment that cannot be obtained after 8 CDs? Is this unreasonable?

write at the end

The P1 of the World of Warcraft WLK nostalgic server is a stage to the end, the purpose is to replace all the equipment of the TBC era. More than half a month ago, there were people who advocated how powerful the equipment of SW is. Now the group book is open for a week, and there are How many wear SW? The group of people who advocated SW at the beginning, now the grass on their heads is eight feet high.

——Every day, Brother G accompanies you to talk about the little things in the nostalgic server of World of Warcraft, and I hope everyone can avoid the pit perfectly.