World of Warcraft nostalgic: WLK’s spare ribs are too difficult, the equipment is too cheap, and there are too many Roll groups

World of Warcraft WLK nostalgic server P1 stage, in less than 2 CDs, directly announced that they are bento, whether it is Naxx or 3+1 Dragon and Eternal Eye, as long as players who can play the SW bento group can deal with it. However, under the low difficulty, WLK’s P1 did not develop in the direction that the ribs people hoped. It took 1 hour to type and decompose for 1 hour, which made the ribs people feel very uncomfortable; in addition to the cheap equipment, there were too many Roll groups. WLK’s pork ribs are really hard.

  • P1 equipment to P2 must be replaced

According to the current difficulty of P1, normal players who form a small team from leveling to 5H can basically finish all the raids within 2 days, so what does this mean? Each CD player can see nearly 100 pieces of group equipment. Even if they can’t get it in front, they can get it later. Moreover, equipment from P1 to P2 has to be replaced, which leads to a sense of urgency and priority for P1 to get equipment. Both are far lower than previous TBC versions. Under this circumstance, the G group has changed from 500 to 100. Recently, everyone started to roll directly. Of course, this is for a familiar team, and the ribs are still driving the G group.

  • Lone Wolf players are more uncomfortable

I said about the players with a team, let’s look at the Lone Wolf players. Since they play at their own pace, the progress must be behind the players with a team. Germany wandered all kinds of things, where he wanted to go, and where he wanted to play. If you want to play in a group, if you are still socially terrified, then you really only have to choose the G group of people with ribs. In the current version of the difficulty, anyone who is not socially terrified and has a little idea will start a 10-person group by themselves. I want to find a normal group. The G group opened by the head of the group is not easy.

The solution is actually not difficult. Since the 60th version, Brother G knows the difficulties of Lone Wolf players. If you want to change, you can take it step by step. First, solve your own social fear problem. You can start from 5H. The guild where Brother G belongs Because there are a lot of bad players like Brother G, I have recently attracted a lot of new friends in 5H. There are about 10 new players, and about 4 of them can directly play 25-player Naxx. The second is to solve your own problems. No matter what profession you are playing, first of all make sure that you are not at the bottom. As long as you are in the middle level, there are people who want it. Then you still need to have tactics, and you need to look at the strategy. Do the above highlights, get a little bit of enchanted gems, cook and eat a little bit of the mixture, that’s enough, we’re not racing, we’re just typing normally, and it’s okay to paddle occasionally, anyone may encounter real-life emergencies. event. Seeing this, do Lone Wolf players feel less socially fearful?

  • The Rib Man’s P1 will be sad

The first paragraph of this article talked about the equipment problem. The large amount of output and drops, coupled with the short shelf life, made everyone not very enthusiastic about getting equipment; the second paragraph of this article talked about the fresh blood of the G group, that is Lone Wolf Players, if you can solve the social fear problem, then it is only a matter of time before you find a fixed or semi-fixed team. After solving these two key problems, Brother G found that the P1 of the skeleton man became very sad. Players who have reached the full level through the normal process have directly become the three major groups since the second CD. Players who have passed the full level of Arathi are either too lazy to level up but have good skills, or they are pure mixed types. The former type Players have already been booked by the guild, and only the latter type is still wandering around in wild groups, and it is more common in car repair groups. People with spare ribs can pay more attention to such players; Not anymore.

  • write at the end

The bigger secret of World of Warcraft WLK nostalgic server P1 stage is that the player stratification is still in a disordered state for the time being. Whether it is a lone wolf, a spare ribs, or a head player, it is possible to play together in the first few CDs. With the pursuit of efficiency and the emergence of AFK, the level of players in the future will be more obvious, and there will be fewer and fewer cases of angering thousands of gold coins in one trip. When everyone widens the gap, P2 will let everyone see the gap. . Let’s still talk about going back to the P1 stage. Brother G finally talked to everyone about a phenomenon. In TBC, the guild group will register before the start of the fight. Now the guild group has become a sneaky fight, and you don’t know when the fight will start. , which is the gap.

——Every day, Brother G accompanies you to talk about the little things in the nostalgic server of World of Warcraft, and I hope everyone can avoid the pit perfectly.